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Corruption, wages, pensions and jobs - issues that worry Moldovans
Corruption, wages, pensions and jobs and billions theft are the main issues that worry Moldovans. These are the results of the survey conducted by "CBS-AXA", commissioned by IDIS "Viitorul" on a sample of 1110 people between January 18 to 27 this year.
 07.02.2017   1113 

IDIS Viitorul, Soroca and Iampol authorities will develop rural tourism in a cross-border project
Capacities of tourism service providers and local authorities from Soroca and Iampol will be strengthened in a cross-border project, implemented with the financial support of the European Union.
 01.02.2017   840 

Moldovan migrants in Russia, capital for politicians
Moldovan migrants working in the Russian Federation has an essential role in the economy as remittances they send home, but they are used in various political or geopolitical aspects by Russian and Moldavian authorities. This is the conclusion, formulated by the IDIS Viitorul expert, Ion Tabirta, in the program "15 minutes of economic realism".
 01.02.2017   811 

Budgets without secrets: Million grants for towns in Moldova
The European Union continues to be the leader of Moldova's development partners, offering to our country, since 2007, over 840 million euro as grants. Among beneficiaries of European resources are local authorities, who managed to implement successful projects. While some municipalities are building new kindergartens and high schools heated with biomass, other connect people to modern water supply systems, create new jobs and develop road infrastructure.
 30.01.2017   890 

Top 10 risks for Moldova in 2017
Moldova goes through a period of institutional turbulences marked by political, social and economic shocks that will be solved only if our country will understand the nature of these challenges and will formulate responses according to changes in society. In the context, IDIS Viitorul presented the top 10 risks for Moldova in 2017.
 26.01.2017   1333 

Veaceslav Ionita: Tight monetary policy has left the economy without money
Moldova's economy is underdeveloped due to a lack of alternative financing. The only solution is banks, but the National Bank tight monetary policy restricts lending. This happened after the robbery banking system in 2014 that caused the Moldovan Leu depreciation, increased prices, and the slowing of the economy.
 25.01.2017   1022 

Viorel Chivriga: Removing economic barriers to Russia are questionable
The Association Agreement entered into force, signed and ratified by Moldova and the EU is the strategic direction of development of the country. His goal is to bring the country's economy and the society to European standards, providing benefits that no other alternative model would not be able to meet in terms of foreign trade and markets. The irresponsible declarations of the president Igor Dodon regarding a possible denunciation of the AA, during his visit to Moscow, could plunge the fragile economy of the country into an abyss, commented the director of programs IDIS “Viitorul”, Viorel Chivriga at the program "15 minutes of economic realism”.
 19.01.2017   946 

Attracting foreign direct investment in Moldova – potential, impediments and achievements
Weak economic development, the percentage of employees reduced to critical levels (40% of the workforce, compared to 65% EU average), makes the need for direct investment in the national economy to represent key objective of the Government of Moldova.
 11.01.2017   873 

Agriculture, trade and investment will increase in 2017
2017 will be better in economic terms compared to 2016. The main branches that will increase are agriculture, trade and investment. A less pleasant news is that tariffs for electricity, gas, and heat will also increase. This is the opinion expressed by IDIS Viitorul experts, Veaceslav Ionita and Victor Parlicov in the program "60 minutes of economic realism".
 04.01.2017   720 

Local authorities, trained in preventing corruption risks
Between September and December 2016 more than 600 local governments in 25 districts of the country have learned how to prevent corruption risks. The trainings were offered by IDIS Viitorul experts, Diana Enachi and Valentin Lozovanu, together with the National Anti-Corruption Center (CNA) representatives, within a project of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway.
 30.12.2016   586 
The second workshop of the „Mapping out vulnerable sectors in the Eastern Partnership countries”, sponsored by the International Visegrad Fund is to be held on 17th September in Chisinau. The workshop is organized by the IDIS Viitorul, Moldova and the
Regional Networking Event: Civil Society Facility Projects Will Meet In Moldova
Around 200 civil society representatives will meet in Chisinau this summer for a Regional Networking Event titled: How we empower civil society? Obstacles, Opportunities, Impact. During the two days on 22-23 of June the beneficiaries from the Civil Society Facility both from the Eastern Partnership countries and EU will have the opportunity to share their experiences, meet new partners and discuss best practices and lessons learnt in various fields of EU-funded projects. The meeting will take place in an open space format,