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Free press against the propaganda

IDIS "Viitorul" held on Monday, August 3, discussions on information security and the role of media and civil society against the propaganda. The discussions were moderated by Igor Munteanu, President of the Administrative Council of IDIS "Viitorul" and supported by Oana Serafim, director of the Radio Free Europe Moldova and Martha Bayles, writer and art critic, media, cultural policy in the US, contributor to Wall Street Journal, the Weekly Standard, etc.
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PASOS Board member Igor Munteanu appointed as Moldova's Ambassador to United States of America

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Political Parties Legislation in Moldova

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Republic of Moldovas chances to enter the European Union, debated at German and Austrian universities

The director of IDIS - Viitorul", Igor Munteanu made a series of presentations for German and Austrian universities on Republic of Moldovas perspectives of European integration in the period of May 11-15, 2010.
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Igor Munteanu: PCRM will not take revenge this year

The Alliance for European Integration's decision to implement a constitutional reform means impossibility of taking revenge this year for the Communists Party, considers political analyst Igor Munteanu, the head of the Institute for Development and Social Initiative - Viitorul".
11.03.2010 1169 MUNTEANU Igor Info Prim-Neo     
Vladimir Voronin spared Government from responsibility, expert

The fact that Vladimir Voronin discharged four ministers just before tendering his resignation gives the impression that the Greceanyi Government II hides something, considers political analyst Igor Munteanu, the director of the Institute for Development and Social Initiative (IDIS) - Viitorul". - The dismissal of the ministers by presidential decree is a well-planned tactic aimed at exempting the responsible ministers from responsibility when the new government will ask questions," the expert told Info-Prim Neo.
15.09.2009 651 MUNTEANU Igor Info Prim-Neo     
Moldovans Voting In Crucial Poll

As a handful of people file into a polling station in leafy central Chisinau on a sunny day, many in this desperately poor city say what they want most is a better life.
29.07.2009 444 MUNTEANU Igor Gregory Feifer, Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty     
Voters -“ prisoners of political war

Though short, the electoral campaign for the July 29 early elections is marked by aggressiveness. Every day, the parliamentary parties reveal new cases that, as they say, come to continue and accentuate the violent character of the day of April 7, when devastating street protests took place in Chisinau.
20.07.2009 645 MUNTEANU Igor Info Prim-Neo     
Opposition Scored Victory, Communists Met Defeat - Analysts

A whole number of local political experts are unanimous in the opinion that the failed presidential election in the Moldovan Parliament and the need to hold an early parliamentary election are but a victory won by the opposition and a defeat suffered by the Communists and particularly by their leader, President of Moldova Vladimir Voronin.
09.06.2009 875 MUNTEANU Igor Infotag     
For and against early elections. Info-Prim Neo analysis

The day of May 20, when the new head of state is to be elected, can become crucial for Moldova. The society is expecting a denouement: the future president will be elected from among the members of the Communist Party or there will be held early elections if the PCRM does not obtain the 61st vote it needs to elect the head of state. Which of the two scenarios would be better for Moldova and the people? What will be the consequences of early elections if a third scenario -“ conciliation on the basis of dialogue -“ seems the least probable at the moment?
16.05.2009 969 MUNTEANU Igor Info Prim-Neo     
Resolution of European Parliament could determine further orientation of Moldova

The resolution on the alarming situation in Moldova, adopted by the European Parliament (EP) a month after the violent events of April 7, is regarded by the Chisinau opposition as - a life buoy" for the country, while the representatives of the governance see it as - an offence to the Moldovan citizens" (from the statement of PCRM deputy Grigore Petrenco on May 7 at the sitting of EP). Experts from Chisinau firmly state: it was worded much tougher compared with the ones launched until now in order to draw the attention of the Moldovan authorities upon the shortcomings Moldova faces.
09.05.2009 1146 MUNTEANU Igor Info Prim-Neo     

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A roadmap for Moldova

The crisis in Moldova continues. To help the country, the EU must pay more attention -“and sustain its attention.
01.05.2009 1026 MUNTEANU Igor European Voice     
Mothers of arrested children must set up Council of Mothers - Igor Munteanu

Mothers, whose children were arrested during the last days in Chisinau by plain-clothed policemen, must set up a council and demand from the police to release their children", Director of the IDIS Viitorul Institute for Development and Social Initiatives Igor Munteanu said.
13.04.2009 671 MUNTEANU Igor Infotag     
Russia Supports Moldova Vote Probe

Russia stepped up its support Thursday for the government of Moldova in the wake of disputed elections, signaling it is determined to cement its growing influence in the former Soviet republic.
09.04.2009 395 MUNTEANU Igor Andrew Osborn, Wall Street Journal     
Moldovans, Georgians take to streets

An estimated 100,000 protesters lined Tbilisi's Rustaveli Avenue on Thursday, chanting, -˜Get out!' referring to Saakashvili. The crisis in Chisinau has the potential to become a new flashpoint between Russia and the European Union: Moscow still retains a close interest in Moldovan affairs, and is widely believed to be propping up the breakaway regime in Transdnestr, a thin strip of land between the Dnestr River and the Ukrainian border.
08.04.2009 431 MUNTEANU Igor Moscow News     
Moldovan electorate is more intelligent than it seems

The latest opinion polls show that over 50% of the population considers that things in Moldova go in the wrong direction. More than 70% of the population says that they do not have a decent living. At the same time, a large part of the voters (about 40%) seems ready to support in the coming elections the party that has governed the country during eight years. This contradiction made many people speak about the lack of political education in Moldovan voters. But analysts deny this paradoxical theory and say in unison: the Moldovan electorate is more intelligent than it seems. It is intelligent even without the information that the political class should provide so that they could prepare for elections.
27.02.2009 899 MUNTEANU Igor Info-Prim Neo     
Different opinions about situation when election running head of state does not suspend activity

Political analyst Igor Munteanu and the MP of the Communist Party (PCRM) Vladimir Turcan have different opinions about the situation when the President of Moldova Vladimir Voronin, who is the first on the election list of the PCRM, will continue to hold the post during the election campaign, given that the Election Code does not compel him to resign, Info-Prim Neo reports.
06.02.2009 592 MUNTEANU Igor Info Prim-Neo     
Poverty, indecision and hope: The portrait of social perceptions and concerns next to 2009 general elections

For third of Moldovan citizens, the only national idea is the rule of law state. Republic of Moldova seems to be a fragmentary society, where the citizens trust only their families - 42,9% and feel skeptic about their neighbors, so as the public authorities. The multiparty system isnt very much agreed by the population. Considering that the political pluralism isnt strengthened by institutions and practices, even the simple citizens aim for a single-party system, or consider that two parties are enough. Moreover, citizens think that the impediments towards European integrations are: corruption, political instability, the ideology of the party that rules, lack of interest of EU in Moldova. The population seems opt for alternation in government, 41% support the idea of oppositions unification. Every third Moldovan considers that at least one political party really has a European tendency. Here are the most important conclusions of the national poll - Social Monitor - 2008", released on December 17, by IDIS - Viitorul".
17.12.2008 805 MUNTEANU Igor     
Moldovan fear of political instability

00 The Moldovans are afraid of political instability. It's a conclusion of a poll called - Social Trends and Expectations Related to the Changes to Occur in 2009", carried out by CBS-AXA and commissioned by IDIS Viitorul think tank, launched on December 17, Info-Prim Neo reports.
17.12.2008 769 MUNTEANU Igor Info Prim-Neo