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Leonid Litra: European Integration process in Moldova does not aim accession

IDIS „Viitorul” presents a new edition of the Foreign Policy Statewatch, signed by Leonid Litra, entitled „European Integration process in Moldova does not aim accession”.
27.04.2015 598 LITRA Leonid     
IDIS Analysis: Effects of changing the electoral system in Moldova

Discussions on the need to change the electoral system in the Republic of Moldova have created controversy among the governing parties. In the analysis "Effects of changing the electoral system in Moldova", the IDIS expert, Leonid Litra explains the benefits and weaknesses of the electoral system change. The work is funded by the Friedrich Ebert Foundatio
26.04.2012 1158 LITRA Leonid     
The effects of changing electoral system in Moldova

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The reset of Moldovan-Ukrainian relations after 20 years: nothing is agreed until everything is agreed

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IDIS expert suggests the organization of a joint Chisinau-Kiev government meeting to coordinate the European integration processes

A joint meeting of the governments in Chisinau and in Kiev, following the example of the joint meeting between Chisinau and Bucharest, would help both settle issues between the two countries and also to coordinate the processes of European integration, suggests the IDIS "Viitorul" expert Leonid Litra in the 41st edition of Foreign Policy Bulletin. This edition is entitled - The revival of Moldovan-Ukrainian relations after 20 years: nothing is agreed until everything is agreed".
22.03.2012 646 LITRA Leonid     
Moldova on the EU visa liberalization path: taking stock of achievements and failures

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Regime change in Transnistria, what should Moldova expect?

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European Integration Index for Eastern Partnership Countries

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European integration of Moldova -“ is it still a national consensus?

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Moldova cannot be seated on two chairs and cannot fit in two Unions, one of them being window dressing

The idea of creating a Eurasian Union around Moscow has not gone unnoticed in Chisinau, the Communist Party coming soon to support this initiative. Given that this is the largest political party in Moldova, the project of Eurasian Union is likely to be popularized. However, this would mean the renunciation to European integration, the two unions, one them being window dressing, economically incompatible, says the expert of IDIS - Viitorul", Leonid Litra in the 39th edition of Foreign Policy Statewatch. This number is entitled "European integration of Moldova -“ is it still a national consensus?"
19.10.2011 709 LITRA Leonid     
Opinion polls and exit-polls in the Republic of Moldova -“ how to boost the credibility of sociological tools?

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IDIS - Viitorul" released at Bruxelles a policy study on visa liberalization issues

IDIS - Viitorul" released at Bruxelles a policy study on visa liberalization issues on May 26, 2011. The author is IDIS expert Leonid Litra. The event was organized by PASOS and hosted by European Policy Centre. The event is part of a project implemented simultaneously in all six countries included in the Eastern Partnership, managed by PASOS (Policy Association for an Open Society). Funding is provided by the Public Service Reform Initiative and Local Government (LGI) of Open Society Foundations. IDIS - Viitorul" is one of the initiators of the project and partner for Moldova, as a full member of the PASOS network.
30.05.2011 1107, Comments: 2 LITRA Leonid     
How to avoid the UE fatigue towards Moldova?

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Visa Facilitation Baseline Study

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Does Moldova need low-cost airlines?"

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Are the Moldovans who hold Romanian passports a devastating threat for EU?

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IDIS Bulletin: "Moldovan citizens who got in the EU through the backdoor" represents merely an orchestrated campaign by those who don't want the EU-Moldova reapproachment

There are more obvious signs that the series of articles condemning the - goodwill" of Romania to facilitate the reacquisition of Romanian citizenship represents a campaign orchestrated by external forces that do not tolerate the current governments rapprochement with the West. Undoubtedly, these articles are written in a sensational manner, their authors being poorly informed about the realities in Moldova and Romania. Referring to the arguments of those who deplore the so-called - goodwill" of Bucharest are false: - It is said that Romania does not comply with EU legislation on the granting of citizenship and that Moldovans will invade Europe which will increase crime in the member states, which is not corresponding to the existent situation. Romania is not a special case in the European context. Other countries are sinning similarly. The 2009 Eurostat Yearbook, for example, shows that in 2006, nearly 700,000 people acquired European citizenship, of which over 426,000 have been offered by Britain, France and Germany.
08.09.2010 596 LITRA Leonid     
Referendum in Moldova: is it a failure and which are the implications?

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Visa-free perspectives for Moldova: a never ending story or an accomplishable task?

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IDIS Bulletin: Visa liberalization with the UE is mostly a technical than a political process

The visa liberalization with the EU represents an accomplishable mission for Moldova, and besides the political and diplomatic aspect, involves significant technical efforts. Among the biggest challenges would be documents security, especially those issued in Transnistria, but as well enforcing border control on the transnistrian perimeter.
17.06.2010 497 LITRA Leonid