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Why were elections as they were ?!

After processing over 99% of the votes, preliminary data show that the current mayor Dorin Chirtoaca won over 37 percent of the vote, and the candidate of the socialists Zinaida Greceanii - over 35%. IDIS “Viitorul” expert Veaceslav Berbeca spoke about election results at Canal Regional, on the program "Loc de dialog".
15.06.2015 439 BERBECA Veaceslav     
IDIS experts: Women could solve problems more effectively than some men

IDIS “Viitorul” experts met with women from Marinesti (Singereii Noi) Tuesday, June 9, where they organized a seminar in the civic education campaign to encourage participation in local elections of women's groups in the North and Gagauzia regions.
11.06.2015 533 BERBECA Veaceslav     
Interview: Veaceslav Berbeca - Women can and must be found in leading positions

Women from five localities, candidates in local elections, are trained by IDIS "Viitorul" to organize an efficient election campaign. We asked Veaceslav Berbeca, expert and Project Coordinator how are women prepared to get engaged in politics and if they need support to stand for election.
22.05.2015 526 BERBECA Veaceslav     
Veaceslav Berbeca: On the background of dissatisfaction with social, political and economic development, there is a risk of a reduced presence of citizens in the voting process

Sunday, March 22, in Gagauzia the Governor of the region will be elected. Mr. Veaceslva Berbeca, during two weeks with other experts from IDIS, have visited 10 high schools in the Gagauz region.
19.03.2015 521 BERBECA Veaceslav     
Veaceslav Berbeca: electoral candidates must participate in the debates as voters could know their intentions

Electoral candidates must participate in debates as voters could know their intentions, relations between the Gagauz and Moldovan authorities need constructive dialogue. There are several statements made by the IDIS “Viitorul” expert Veaceslav Berbeca during a program broadcasted by Canal Regional. The TV program took place in the context of preparations for the election of the Bashkan of Gagauzia, which will take place on 22 March.
19.03.2015 395 BERBECA Veaceslav     
IDIS expert: Moldova needs a strategic partnership with Turkey

IDIS “Viitorul” launched a new edition of Foreign Policy Statewatch. In the study entitled “Strengthening bilateral relations between the Republic of moldova and Turkey - towards a free trade agreement and a strategic partnership”, Veaceslav Berbeca reflects the bilateral relations between Moldova and Turkey and proposes measures to attract Turkish investors.
29.11.2012 937 BERBECA Veaceslav     
Chisinau relations with NATO is a missing topic in the public space in Moldova

Avoiding discussions on NATO at the official level is paradoxical because the ruling parties have not disputed, with some minor exceptions, the importance of relations between both sides. Moreover, the development of relations with NATO offered the opportunity, for our state, to bring up for discussion, in the North Atlantic Cooperation Council, topics of major importance for the Republic of Moldova, affirms the IDIS “Viitorul” expert, Veceaslav Berbeca in the Foreign Policy Bulletin no. 45, entitled “Republic of Moldova – NATO relations”.
31.05.2012 892 BERBECA Veaceslav     
Does the Republic of Moldova need military planes and helicopters to ensure state border guard in the air?

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The Ministry of Defense needs 11 annual budgets to fulfill its mission of protecting domestic airspace

According to the new law on state border, the Ministry of Defense has the mission to guard the state border in the airspace. For this are needed means of interception that the national army currently lacks. It is estimated that 8 military planes and 8 combat helicopters are required, whose cost would amount at 240 million dollars, representing 11 annual budgets of the Ministry of Defense, finds the IDIS "Viitorul" expert, Veaceslav Berbeca, in the 42nd edition of Foreign Policy Bulletin. This edition is titled «Does the Republic of Moldova need military planes and helicopters to ensure state border guard in the air?".
28.03.2012 724 BERBECA Veaceslav     
Study launch: Transnistria: a possible administrative unit in the composition of Republic of Moldova

IDIS - Viitorul" released on Wednesday, November 2, 2011, 14:00, the public policy study - Transnistria: a possible administrative unit in the composition of Republic of Moldova".
02.11.2011 865 BERBECA Veaceslav     
Influence of ethnic minorities on states foreign policy

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In lack of integration through language, ethnic minorities risk their political alienation

Although ethnic minorities from the Republic of Moldova have a heterogeneous structure, representatives of this category are partakers of a common position towards states foreign policy, namely: deep integration into Community of Independent States, maintaining military neutrality of the state and strategic partnership with Russia, ascertains the expert of IDIS "Viitorul", Veceslav Berbeca, in the 36th edition of the Foreign Policy Statewatch. This edition is entitled "Influence of ethnic minorities on states foreign policy".
08.09.2011 846 BERBECA Veaceslav     
National Security Strategy -“ a delay of a delayed reform

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Moldovas membership fees: between effciency and simple presence

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Poland's presidency - an opportunity to gain recognition of Moldovas European prospects

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The Republic of Moldova and Ukraine -“ a package approach for the EU or each with its own way

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Ownership relations between the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine

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