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Sergiu Gaibu: "The base rate will be 19.5% from September 2"

National Bank of Moldova (NBM) base rate rises again. From 19.5% will be in September 2, while the required reserves are already 32%. We are witnessing a similar scenario happened in the period 2008 - 2010, when the measures taken by the NBM led to shortage of liquidity in the banking system, the increase in impaired loans and massive loan portfolio, believes the economic expert Sergiu Gaibu.
28.08.2015 846 GAIBU Sergiu     
Sergiu Gaibu about BNM and "economic development"

Recently, the Board of the National Bank approved the amendment and completion of the Regulation on the classification of assets and contingent liabilities. They provide facilitation of access to credit resources for small and medium enterprises, as well as consumer credits.
08.07.2015 1008 GAIBU Sergiu     
Sergiu Gaibu: BEM can be saved by giving the property to an international financial institution with a good reputation

BEM brand, seemingly permanently lost the ability to inspire customers credibility. Neither the state, as owner, does not inspire confidence and rather harms the BEM brand.
18.06.2015 520 GAIBU Sergiu     
Sergiu Gaibu: Nationalization of BEM - the most negative solution to the country's economy and the state budget

Economic expert of IDIS “Viitorul”, Sergiu Gaibu participated Thursday, June 11, 2015 on talk show "Civilization MAIA" organized by Realitatea TV where he talked with the doctor in the economy Gheorge Costandachi and with the President of "Small Business Association" Eugen Roscovan, about banking and financial situation in the country, but also about Alliance for European Moldova (AEM) leaders' decisions on nationalization of Banca de Economii.
12.06.2015 1002 GAIBU Sergiu