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IDIS - Viitorul", in partnership with the European Institute from Romania will assist the Moldovan authorities at negotiating a free trade agreement with EU

IDIS - Viitorul", in partnership with the European Institute from Romania will assist the Moldovan authorities at negotiating a free trade agreement with EU. The initiative is financially supported by German Marshall Fund, through Black Sea Trust program.
06.04.2011 678 CHIVRIGA Viorel     
Case study on the improvement of the commercial relations within GUAM (valid for CEFTA also)

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The economic advantages of GUAM for Republic of Moldova conclude to inefficiency of the free corridors and non-tariff trade barriers

Inefficiency of the free corridors and non-tariff trade barriers -“ these are the results of the Republic of Moldovas membership in GUAM. So, the trade relations between GUAM states are below expectations, probably because of the serious problems that interfere the entrepreneurs while transiting the countries. For example, an investigation conducted by IDIS - Viitorul" in 2008 pointed out that a trade transaction on the route Chisinau -“ Moscow lasted 4 days, from which 32 hours were spent transiting Ukraines territory. The unofficial taxes for transiting Ukraine have reached 260 hrivnas at the moment of the investigation. Here are the most prominent conclusions reached by the director of the Economic department of IDIS - Viitorul", in his Case study on the improvement of the commercial relations within GUAM (valid for CEFTA also), published on Otocber 6, 2010, on www.viitorul.org -“ institutional website of IDIS - Viitorul".
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The entrance of local products on the EU market is possible only through complying with food quality and security requirements

For the farm producers from Moldova, the signing of an Agreement of free trade with EU means the opening of a wide market, but also tough competition. In order to be able to meet the requirements, especially the compliance with food quality and security requirements, the Moldovan authorities should speed up the efforts to adjust to European standards. However, at the moment, a major part of the quotas offered for export by EU are not totally used. In order to completely take advantage of the benefits of a possible even more favorable opportunity, it is necessary to create conditions to increase yields and productivity of farm produce.
10.09.2010 563 CHIVRIGA Viorel     
Volume of agricultural production decreases in 2009 after record rise the previous year

The volume of agricultural production in Moldova fell 9.9 percent in 2009 compared to last year, as a result of a dramatic decrease in vegetal production
28.01.2010 2230 CHIVRIGA Viorel Imedia     
Moldova drops in economic freedom rankings

The Moldovan economy is free to a degree of 53.7 percent, 1.2 percent less than last year, says the 2010 Index of Economic Freedom, which was released by the Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal. Moldova placed 125th out of 179 countries ranked. This is the lowest score the country has gotten after 2001, when it received 54.9 percent. Experts say that this decrease may have been registered because some countries have made more advances than Moldova.
22.01.2010 1392 CHIVRIGA Viorel Imedia     
Economic debates: How will the state help peasants in 2010?

The Economis Journalists Association and IDIS - Viitorul" organized a debate on the topic: - How will the state help peasants in 2010? What is to be expected: a change of attitude of the Government concerning agriculture, a positive or negative one, or stagnation?"
21.01.2010 1761, Comments: 3 CHIVRIGA Viorel     
Reform of subsidising system in agriculture: concrete results and failures

IDIS "Viitorul" organized on Wednesday, September 23, 10:00, an economic debate, in Hincesti, on the topic: "Reform of subsidising system in agriculture: concrete results and failures".
23.09.2009 641 CHIVRIGA Viorel     
State discriminates against small agricultural producers

The volume of subsidies provided by the state to small farmers during 2003-2009 was 6.3 times lower than for large, state and private agricultural producers, Info-Prim Neo reports. The discrimination was highlighted by participants in the public debates held by the Institute for Development and Social Initiative (IDIS) - Viitorul". The first debates this autumn centered on the agricultural subsidies.
19.09.2009 1078 CHIVRIGA Viorel Info Prim-Neo     
Reform of subsidising system in agriculture: concrete results and failures

IDIS "Viitorul" organized on Friday, September 18, 10:00, an economic debate, on the topic: "Reform of subsidising system in agriculture: concrete results and failures"
18.09.2009 767 CHIVRIGA Viorel     
State agriculture support system must be improved, independent expert

Viorel Chivriga, expert of the Institute for Development and Social Initiative (IDIS) - Viitorul", considers that the state agriculture subsidization system should be modified so that the subsidies reach the small producers as well. The proposal was made in the context of the crisis faced by the agricultural sector, Info-Prim Neo reports.
07.09.2009 1031 CHIVRIGA Viorel Info Prim-Neo     
The Agricultural Land Market in the Republic of Moldova Is a Victim of Failed Reforms

During 1990s the agricultural sector in the Republic of Moldova has been affected by crisis in an irremediable way. The privatization of agricultural land started late and was carried out non-transparently and without respecting social equity principles. A partial and unfair legislation allowed some groups of stakeholders to buy assets at derisory prices and to get control of the best plots of land. These factors played a decisive role in liquidation of a number of former agricultural enterprises (kolkhozes and sovkhozes), which otherwise could have been restructured and privatized. Consolidation of land plots only happened on paper, while failed agricultural reforms discouraged long-term investments in this sector. Under such circumstances, a massive exodus of labour from the agricultural sector occurred, resulting into a lamentable ruination of this sector. Thus, the agricultural land market still remains non-functional and requires a fundamental reform.
21.07.2009 2583 CHIVRIGA Viorel     
Agricultural lands in Moldova cannot be profitable, as they are disintegrated -“ IDIS Viitorul

The land market cannot be profitable, as the agricultural lands are disintegrated. Such is the main conclusion of the survey "The Development of the Agricultural Land Market in the Republic of Moldova", carried out by Expert of the IDIS Viitorul IDIS Viitorul Institute for Development and Social Initiatives Viorel Chivriga and published on Tuesday.
21.07.2009 617 CHIVRIGA Viorel Infotag     
Expert of IDIS «Viitorul» recommends establishing land exchange for monitoring transactions in this field and increasing opportunities for investments.

Such recommendations were given by Viorel Chivriga during presentation of the research: - Evolution of agricultural land market of Moldova" within the public debates on Tuesday. Agricultural land still remains fragmented and disintegrated, Viorel Chivriga argues:
21.07.2009 501 CHIVRIGA Viorel Informarket     
An Advocacy Campaign in supporting the Moldovan Exporters of Agricultural Goods was launched

An Advocacy Campaign in supporting the Moldovan Exporters of Agricultural Goods was launched on December 17 by the Coalition for Rural Economic Development. The campaign is part of a SOROS-Foundation and Sida-supported project, which aims to encourage stakeholders operating in the agricultural field to communicate effectively through a public policy platform (i.e. state authorities, farmers associations, lobbying groups), having as a result to emphasize the need for consistent policy work (drafting, consultations, elaboration of decisions and laws through a participatory approach, and with impact assessments, as a sine-qua-non condition of their fulfilment).
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The Coalition for Economic Development (CDER) has launched a campaign for supporting Moldovan exporters of agricultural products - Remove Barriers from the Way of Moldovan Exports! Let the National Economy to Breath Freely!".
17.12.2008 711 CHIVRIGA Viorel Infotag     
The core effect -“ consolidating relationships between environments

Currently, the associative sector or the third sector in the society achieves more grounds within our countrys public life. The civil society is made of the citizen, associated under different forms as stipulated in the current legislation and who participate in the public life, promote the populations interests, influence the states policies, defend the civil, social and cultural rights. The main actors engaged in the associative sector, that is the public organizations, movements, institutions and foundations carry out successfully their activities in various areas: breeding, education, research, mass-media, economic and community development, ecology, culture, health, philanthropy, sport, social service rendering, defend of human and ethnical minorities rights, etc.
27.11.2008 673 CHIVRIGA Viorel Fin-Consultant     
IDIS think-tank: The agro alimentary products export collapses

Republic Moldova may become a state theta imports agro alimentary products, taking into consideration that three years ago it was considered an exporter for this segment. The sectors collapse is the result of the inefficient exploitation of natural, material and human resources. In order to revitalize this sector, we do need joint effort of the public authorities and Moldovan exporters. Here are the most important conclusions of the diagnosis-study - Agricultural Goods exporting potential: possibilities and solutions", released on October 21 2008, at an economic debate.
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Moldova expected to become net agrifood importer

The Republic of Moldova is about to become a net agrifood importing country despite holding the complete opposite position some three years ago. The stagnation of the Moldovan agrifood sector is the result of the inefficient use of the natural, material and human resources, - these are the highlights of the diagnostic study titled - The Export Potential of the Agrifood Sector", launched Tuesday, October 21, by the Social Initiative Institute IDIS Viitorul, Info-Prim Neo reports.
21.10.2008 387 CHIVRIGA Viorel Info-Prim Neo     
Import of agro-food goods causes concern as Moldova can become the country mostly importing these products, experts of IDIS Viitorul

Precum a menţionat marţi, expertul economic al IDIS "Viitorul" Viorel Chivriga, în ultimii ani, ponderea exporturilor de produse agroalimentare în totalul exporturilor moldoveneşti a scăzut vertiginos, de la 61% în anul 2004 până la 39,9% în anul 2007, constată expertul economic al IDIS "Viitorul" Viorel Chivriga. Acest declin este o consecinţă a lipsei de flexibilitate atât în activitatea producătorilor şi exportatorilor de produse agroalimentare, cât şi în cea a autorităţilor.
21.10.2008 636 CHIVRIGA Viorel Infomarket