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Birthday: 10.08.2065
Status: President of Border of Directors, Dr. in Law, MA in Political Sciences
Phone+ 373 22 210932


Igor Munteanu has expertise in the field of local public administration, public sector reform, having as educational background political sciences and administrative law. Since 1993, Igor Munteanu has established together with a group of young intellectuals of the Republic of Moldova one of the first think tanks, known as "Viitorul Foundation". Later on, the "Viitorul Foundation" has emerged into a specialized public research institute, entitled Institute for Development and Social Initiatives (IDIS) "Viitorul". Since 1994, Igor Munteanu acted as senior expert of the IDSI Viitorul, being employed in several international and national research projects, with specific expertise devoted to: public policy elaboration, regional development, political research, comparative studies (i.e. national minorities, foreign policy, social transition, early warning modules, economic development). Igor Munteanu has wrote and edited several publications published abroad, as well as in the Repbulic of Moldova, being actively engaged as free lance author in the international and national press as political commentator to the Radio Free Europe (1997 - 2005).

Qey qualifications:

  • Administrative Law
  • Public Policy
  • Political Sciences