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Launch of the new public policy studies at IDIS (October 31, 2007), at 10.00. Conference Hall (2nd Floor)
Study 'Public transportation in Chisinau Municipality as a taxi business' (Ion Cotruta)Study 'Parking as a policy urgency for the Chisinau Municipality' (Oleg Ponomarenco and Ion Cotruta). The public event will be attended by numerous members of the municipal services, think tanks, associations of consumers, taxi and public transportation professional associations, mass media.
30.10.2007 237       
IDSI Viitorul in partnership with Friedrich Ebert Foundation organizes two debates on October 18 and 19, in the Soroca and Singerei raions. The topics of the debates are - Remittances.
Do we continue to count on them?" and - The role of political parties in the European integration process of the Republic of Moldova.The said debates represent a follow-up of the similar events organized by IDSI Viitorul in Chisinau. The main aim of the debates is to stimulate the interest of young generation for certain specific subjects linked to the European integration process of the Republic Moldova, as well as to analyze the obstacles Moldova might face in this process.
18.10.2007 373   MOCANU Ghenadie     
language learning, OSCE, Moldova, IDIS Viitorul, Comrat, integration of national minorities
13.10.2007 291   MUNTEANU Igor     
Coming soon project: "Moldova: Public-Private Dialogue on National Business Agenda". A partnership cooperation established by IDIS Viitorul and CIPE (Centre for International Private Entrepreneurship, USA) to strengthen business environment in Moldova through a National Business Agenda process.
public - private partnership, National business agenda. For democracy to succeed, the business community must become a leading advocate for market-oriented reforms and democratic governance. The Moldovan business community believes that successful economic development for Moldova depends on free and democratic competition, reforms oriented on private enterprise development, and secure property rights.
13.10.2007 262       
Two new studies analysing the results of the local elections campaign of June, 2007 to be presented on October 3, 2007, at IDIS Office (15.00). Both studies were written by the authors participating in the Political Training Fellowship (with support of the Balkan Trust for Democracy).
Our Institute (IDIS) 'Viitorul' announces the publication of two new studies: the first one -  '10 Candidates in the local elections campaign of 2007',  Â and the second one - 'Profile of the local elected officials after 2007 elections'. A public presentation of the studies will be...
01.10.2007 203       
Public Policy Documentation Visit and Training organized by IPP (Romania) and IDIS Viitorul (Moldova) in Romania (September 17-22, 2007) for a group of civil servants from the Republic of Moldova
Public policy training in Bucharest organized by IDIS Viitorul and IPP (Romania) for a group of mid-carreer offciials from the Republic of Moldova.
19.09.2007 274       
Public Policy Documentation Visit and Training organized jointly by the IPP (Romania) and IDIS Viitorul (Moldova) in Romania for a group of civil servants from the Republic of Moldova (September 17-22, 2007)
Public Policy Training in Bucharest, jointly organized by IDIS and IPP (Romania). Accelerating institutional reform. Providing key-expertise to the central and local institutions in the Republic of Moldova on public policy design, monitoring, elaboration and implementation.
19.09.2007 212       
Open letter: For a European settlement of the Transnistrian conflict
Recently, in the diplomatic circles and expert community, in the international and local mass media, there has been an intensification of discussions on the possibility of achieving a bilateral agreement between the Republic of Moldova and the Russian Federation regarding the settlement of the Transnistrian conflict. Given the non-transparent climate in which Moldovan-Russian negotiations are taking place, and the avoidance of the 5+2 negotiating format, this situation has already undermined internationally the credibility of the Republic of Moldova. The signing of an eventual agreement between Russia and Moldova, and the possibility of presenting the West with a fait accompli would seriously undermine Moldovas European perspectives.
07.06.2007 233       
Teaching and learning the language through communication
Saturday, on March 17, 2007, the Institute for Development and Social Initiatives (IDSI) - Viitorul" organized in Comrat city, at the theoretical lyceum - G.Gaidarji" a seminar on the topic - Teaching and Learning the Language through Communication". The seminar was part of the "Language training for civil servants in Southern Moldova" project, implemented with the financial support of OSCE.Participants in the seminar were professors of Romanian from southern Moldova, exactly from Comrat, Ciadir-Lunga, Vulcanesti, Taraclia and Cahul cities who teach evening courses of learning Romanian language in the respective zone. The goal of this seminar was to perform an evaluation of the results of these evening courses of teaching Romanian language as well as an analysis of the stages of achieving the objectives of learning the Romanian language that were targeted by the professors from the very beginning.( /Vlad Catlabuga, expert IDIS Viitorul/ )
18.03.2007 279       
A new web page for local public authorities from Moldova
Representatives of local public administration now have the opportunity to consult on-line the experience of their peers from the whole territory of the Republic through http://www.local.md web page. Despite the fact that it is a source of true information and constantly updated, the web site was created to allow quick access of best practices from the domain of local public administration. Thus, local public authorities can access practices from various domains: local economic development, civic participation, public finances management, etc. throughout the country.
19.02.2007 196       
The Steering Group dealing with the Council of Europe programs in the field of local government in Moldova
The 1st meeting of the Steering Group dealing with the Council of Europe programs in the field of local government in Moldova will be held in Chişinau on March 6-7, 2007.The Steering Group will include representatives of national institutions, of local government associations, of local public authorities, NGO's, sponsors and other representatives involved in local government activities, including Council of Europe representatives based both in Chisinau and Strasbourg .A new Public Ethics Benchmarking and Improvement Programme will be launched during the meeting and decisions for the continuation of Best Practice Programme for local government in Moldova (themes, criteria for selecting of Best Practice and possible activities of dissemination) will be taken.
18.02.2007 233       
Press Club from Chisinau
Thursday, March 1, 2007 at 17.00 the Press Club fro Chisinau will hold another meeting. Independent Centre of Journalism and the Committee for Freedom of Press organizes in the Conference Hall of International republican Institute (126/1 Alexandru Cel Bun str.) a new meeting of the Press Club from Chisinau. During this meeting relations between businessmen and public authorities in the Republic of Moldova will be discussed as well as the phenomenon of - unofficial taxation" in particular. Representatives of civil society, business environment, public officials and IDSI Viitorul experts were invited to take part in this meeting of the Press Club who published a study on this topic. For more details please contact us at 213652, 227539, or on email: coordinator@ijc.md. Contact person: Maria Praporscic, CIJ Programs Coordinator.
18.02.2007 249