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Local authorities, trained in preventing corruption risks
Between September and December 2016 more than 600 local governments in 25 districts of the country have learned how to prevent corruption risks. The trainings were offered by IDIS Viitorul experts, Diana Enachi and Valentin Lozovanu, together with the National Anti-Corruption Center (CNA) representatives, within a project of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway.
30.12.2016 588       
Newsletter “Bugete fara secrete” – December edition
IDIS "Viitorul" presents the second issue of the newsletter "Bugete fără secrete” (in English “Budgets without secrets”). The publication aims to make transparent the activity of local public authorities in Moldova by promoting transparency and financial accountability.
29.12.2016 578       
Education, regional development, settlement of the Transnistrian conflict and the Free Trade Agreement – compiled in four publications
"Reviving the regional development between Chisinau and Tiraspol", "Prospects of solving the Transnistrian conflict in a changing regional", "The educational systems on both sides of the Dniester: differences and common points" and "The implementation of the DCFTA in Transnistria: progress or just rhetoric" are four studies launched by IDIS Viitorul.
28.12.2016 466       
Top three events in 2016: the fragile political stability, the IMF agreement and approval of the budget for 2017
The economic year 2016 was marked by three events. It is about fragile political stability, signing the IMF agreement and approval of the budget for 2017, according to opinion of IDIS Viitorul experts, Viorel Chivriga and Iurie Gotisan expressed in the program "60 minutes of economic realism".
28.12.2016 431       
IDIS “Viitorul” presents the Anthology of best practices of local government in Moldova, 2016 edition
Institute for Development and Social Initiatives (IDIS) "Viitorul" presents the Anthology of best practices of local authorities in Moldova, 2016 edition. Anthology is produced within the Best Practices Programme for Local Authorities 2014 – 2015 and aims to describe success stories of local authorities from Moldova.
26.12.2016 527       
Best practices of local authorities in Moldova were awarded
Best practices implemented by local authorities in Moldova in 2014 and 2015 were awarded on 22 December at a national ceremony.
23.12.2016 945       
Association Agreement, implemented with half measures
The EU has granted a credit of trust Moldova after signing the Association Agreement in 2014, but Chisinau preferred to implement half-measures some provisions of the document. Country beat the pulse on place and gets back to the political will that has left its mark. This is the opinion expressed by experts IDIS Viitorul, Ion Tabirta and Veaceslav Berbeca in the program "60 minutes of economic realism”.
21.12.2016 442       
Agency to resolving complaints will make actors in the procurement system more responsible
By signing in 2014 of the Association Agreement and of the DCFTA, Moldova has undertaken a number of commitments, including the national procurement reform. Although the system has made more progress, however, several shortcomings are highlighted. It is primarily a weak system of remedies, poor planning, and poor quality of technical specifications and insufficient monitoring of the execution of tender contracts. This is the opinion expresses by Diana Enachi, IDIS “Viitorul” expert at the presentation of the Policy Brief "Creating Agency for resolving complaints - a new stage in the development of the public procurement system".
20.12.2016 501       
Housing debts to utilities providers – a barrier to reorganize old blocks in Condominium owners associations
Currently, consumers have accumulated debts of hundreds of millions for utilities and the residential fund is the absolute leader in this chapter owning 98% of historic debts (not invoiced).
16.12.2016 439       
The Association Agreement lames and the economic diplomacy is outdated
The Association Agreement, after signing, remained only at the level of formality without practical achievements. The political class was more concerned with disputes over the Government investment and the society horrified of the billion theft of the banking system. Moreover, Moldova's economic diplomacy beats time and economic interests of the country continue to suffer. These are some of the ideas from the studies launched by IDIS "Accountability of state institutions in the implementation of the Association Agreement" and "How Moldova manages to promote the economic interests abroad". The authors and publications are Ion Tabirta and Valentin Lozovanu.
15.12.2016 448       
Politics freezes regional development
Financial investment resources for the regional development and politically allocated and not to people's needs. This creates discrepancies in the economic advance of the country's regions. This is the opinion expresed by IDIS Viitorul experts, Iurie Gotisan and Ion Tornea in the program "60 minutes of economic realism".
15.12.2016 275       
Moldovan economy, developed asymmetrical
In Moldova, as well as in many countries of the world, the real development of the economy occurs asymmetrically from a regional perspective. Regional development disparities in the country are due to uneven distribution, in large part, due to factors of production, urbanization levels or quality of technological and institutional infrastructure, according to the Policy Brief „Regional economic disparities in Moldova”, signed by Iurie Gotisan.
14.12.2016 256       
IDIS Viitorul launched the Research Monitor "Hybrid power and its actors". The magazine will target cases and phenomena of rentier exploitation of the state by illegal groups
Monday, December 12, IDIS „Viitorul” researches presented at a press conference the first issue of a new magazine "Hybrid power", having as a starting point for the assessment of the way how certain state agencies have accepted or even tolerated for years a series of money laundering activities by certain banks of Moldova, without preventing or halting illegal activities.
12.12.2016 276       
Reduced creditworthiness and lease land - bomb for land fund
Institutional changes in the land are robust. Positive visible changes are observed at the Cadastre company that owns the necessary instruments to monitor the situation. But in the economic field changes are awaited and depend on agricultural years and the market situation. The bomb for the land use in the Republic of Moldova is the reduced creditworthiness of agricultural land, excessive fragmentation of land holdings, their degradation and land lease for short term by economic entities in the corporate sector. The is the opinion expressed by IDIS Viitorul experts, Viorel Chivriga and Iurie Gotisan in the show "60 minutes of economic realism".
07.12.2016 276       
Best Practice Programme has chosen the winners of 2016
Best practices of local authorities in Moldova have been appointed on 2 December at the meeting of the Steering Committee of the Best Practices Programee. During the meeting, members of the Steering Committee gave a note of best practices known in the documentation visits and have decided the winning practices.
07.12.2016 335       
IDIS presents the first issue of the newsletter "Budgets without secrets”
IDIS "Viitorul" presents the first issue of the newsletter "Bugete fără secrete” (in English “Budgets without secrets”). The publication aims to make transparent the activity of local public authorities in Moldova by promoting transparency and financial accountability.
05.12.2016 513       
Reintegration policies will be consulted and amplified. It provides an agreement signed by IDIS with the Reintegration policies Office of the Government of Moldova
Thursday, December 1, 2016, IDIS Viitorul Director, Igor Munteanu signed a cooperation agreement with the Reintegration Policies Office of the Government in the person of Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration Mr. George Balan. The agreement signed at a public ceremony at the Government headquarters provides a sustainable framework for consultation and cooperation to develop the national vision for reintegration, other action plans and national programs that ensure respect for the integrity, unity, indivisibility and sovereignty of the Republic Moldova.
01.12.2016 308       
IDIS Viitorul and the Ministry of Finance signed a Memorandum on electronic procurement efficiency
Along with other civil society organizations and private businesses in Moldova, IDIS Viitorul signed on 30.11.2016 a Memorandum on Moldova’s development of a transparent and efficient system of electronic procurement. The Memorandum was proposed for signature by the Minister of Finance, the Public Procurement Agency and the Centre for Electronic Governance, meeting at this time the most powerful platform for the public sector that involves all stakeholders.
01.12.2016 296       
Transparency is pushing local officials to responsibility
Access to local government decisions is a right of citizens. This is, firstly, of how public money is spent. On the other hand, the authorities' obligation to provide information to citizens. This would empower local authorities. This is the conclusion formulated by Viorel Pirvan, expert IDIS Viitorul and Viorel Rusu, expert CALM expressed during the program "60 minutes of economic realism".
30.11.2016 292       
IDIS "Viitorul" launched the Rayons Transparency Index
Institute for Development and Social Initiatives (IDIS) "Viitorul" launched the Transparency Index of the local government of the second level in Moldova. The event took place on November 29 at a press conference.
29.11.2016 2556       
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