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Volume of agricultural production decreases in 2009 after record rise the previous year
The volume of agricultural production in Moldova fell 9.9 percent in 2009 compared to last year, as a result of a dramatic decrease in vegetal production
28.01.2010 2229   CHIVRIGA Viorel Imedia     
Moldova drops in economic freedom rankings
The Moldovan economy is free to a degree of 53.7 percent, 1.2 percent less than last year, says the 2010 Index of Economic Freedom, which was released by the Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal. Moldova placed 125th out of 179 countries ranked. This is the lowest score the country has gotten after 2001, when it received 54.9 percent. Experts say that this decrease may have been registered because some countries have made more advances than Moldova.
22.01.2010 1392   CHIVRIGA Viorel Imedia     
National Bank governor must be elected meticulously, experts
The financial system is more susceptible to changes than other systems and its credibility diminishes when many modifications take place, expert of IDIS "Viitorul" Sergiu Gaibu has told Info-Prim Neo, commenting on the impact of the replacement of the central bank's governor.
13.10.2009 3283   Info Prim-Neo     
State discriminates against small agricultural producers
The volume of subsidies provided by the state to small farmers during 2003-2009 was 6.3 times lower than for large, state and private agricultural producers, Info-Prim Neo reports. The discrimination was highlighted by participants in the public debates held by the Institute for Development and Social Initiative (IDIS) - Viitorul". The first debates this autumn centered on the agricultural subsidies.
19.09.2009 1077   CHIVRIGA Viorel Info Prim-Neo     
State agriculture support system must be improved, independent expert
Viorel Chivriga, expert of the Institute for Development and Social Initiative (IDIS) - Viitorul", considers that the state agriculture subsidization system should be modified so that the subsidies reach the small producers as well. The proposal was made in the context of the crisis faced by the agricultural sector, Info-Prim Neo reports.
07.09.2009 1030   CHIVRIGA Viorel Info Prim-Neo     
Agricultural lands in Moldova cannot be profitable, as they are disintegrated -“ IDIS Viitorul
The land market cannot be profitable, as the agricultural lands are disintegrated. Such is the main conclusion of the survey "The Development of the Agricultural Land Market in the Republic of Moldova", carried out by Expert of the IDIS Viitorul IDIS Viitorul Institute for Development and Social Initiatives Viorel Chivriga and published on Tuesday.
21.07.2009 616   CHIVRIGA Viorel Infotag     
Expert of IDIS «Viitorul» recommends establishing land exchange for monitoring transactions in this field and increasing opportunities for investments.
Such recommendations were given by Viorel Chivriga during presentation of the research: - Evolution of agricultural land market of Moldova" within the public debates on Tuesday. Agricultural land still remains fragmented and disintegrated, Viorel Chivriga argues:
21.07.2009 501   CHIVRIGA Viorel Informarket     
Producers and exporters request authorities to protect internal market from mass imports
Agricultural producers and exporters of Moldova request the authorities to protect the internal market from mass imports. Such desires were spoken out in the frame of roundtables, organized in the frame of the campaign - Remove Barriers to Exports! Let the national economy to breath freely!" by the Coalition for the Development of Agricultural Economy (CDER).
30.03.2009 469   Infotag     
The Union of Insurers of Moldova has signed a National Business Agenda
As the chairman of the Union of insurers of Moldova Mihai Manoli informed InfoMarket, signing of agenda would allow the Union of Insurers to promote its business plan for 2009. Among the main tasks for 2009, Manoli noted stabilizing collaborative relationships with the members of other professional associations that have signed the national business agenda, as well as with the Parliament, Government, the National Commission for Financial Market and other institutions that may contribute to the development of the insurance market of Moldova.
05.03.2009 483   Infomarket     
In 2009, the monetary mass of Moldova will decline and leu will depreciate by 10-15%, IDIS "Viitorul" experts.
As the economic expert of IDIS Viitorul Sergiu Gaibu announced on Tuesday, in first half of 2009, NBM will be able to maintain a stable course of leu against foreign currencies, but in the second half of year there will be a risk of the micro crisis.
24.02.2009 532   Infomarket     
Slowdown brings role reversal for Moldova
Moldova, Europe's poorest country, is basking in its new-found status as one of the world's most stable economies, even if it did take a global slump to earn it the accolade.
29.01.2009 394   IONITSA Veaceslav Dmitry Chubashenko, Reuters     
The Coalition for Economic Development (CDER) has launched a campaign for supporting Moldovan exporters of agricultural products - Remove Barriers from the Way of Moldovan Exports! Let the National Economy to Breath Freely!".
17.12.2008 711   CHIVRIGA Viorel Infotag     
New methodology of calculation of premiums of obligatory auto civil liability insurance (OACLI) and - Green Card" corresponds to international standards and will be more efficient if the process of presentation of information is more transparent,-expert Alexander Zgardan.
During the presentation of the research - Characteristics of obligatory insurance in the field of auto transport in Moldova", the expert of IDIS Viitorul noted that within one year since the legislation has come into force, many difficulties have appeared. According to Alexander Zgardan, with the approval of the new tariffs both OACLI premiums as well as the «green card» premiums will reduce by about 25-45%.
09.12.2008 443   Infomarket     
The core effect -“ consolidating relationships between environments
Currently, the associative sector or the third sector in the society achieves more grounds within our countrys public life. The civil society is made of the citizen, associated under different forms as stipulated in the current legislation and who participate in the public life, promote the populations interests, influence the states policies, defend the civil, social and cultural rights. The main actors engaged in the associative sector, that is the public organizations, movements, institutions and foundations carry out successfully their activities in various areas: breeding, education, research, mass-media, economic and community development, ecology, culture, health, philanthropy, sport, social service rendering, defend of human and ethnical minorities rights, etc.
27.11.2008 673   CHIVRIGA Viorel Fin-Consultant     
Termocom threatens to sue economist Veaceslav Ionita
Chisinau's heat supplier Termocom accuses Veaceslav Ionita, an expert with the IDIS Viitorul think tank, of having launched - lying insinuations, has mocked at and offended the distributor of heating agent" in a news program on PRO TV on November 11. Termocom asks the economist to unveil his sources from where he got the information and to decline his statements publicly, in the same TV program, during three days. Otherwise the company will sue him, Info-Prim Neo reports.
19.11.2008 590   IONITSA Veaceslav Info-Prim Neo     
National experts calculate tariff of 651.71 lei for heat in Chisinau
Moldovan experts have calculated a tariff of 651.71 lei for 1 Gcal of the thermal agent delivered to the Chisinau consumers. A report was presented on Wednesday, November 12. The authors say they took into account the data from the financial reports of CET-1 and CET-2 plants, of Termocom and the price on the natural gas delivered by Moldovagaz. They also say they have found many breeches in the activity of Termocom, and this means that the price could be lower, Info-Prim Neo reports.
12.11.2008 574   PARLICOV Victor Info-Prim Neo     
Moldavian economic agents have high confidence to the bank sector,-experts of IDIS Viitorul
According to research of IDIS Viitorul, 50 % of the respondents have declared that they use bank credits in spite of the fact that they are expensive and hard to receive.
04.11.2008 645   Infomarket     
In November 2008, Moldavian economic agents expect inflation at a rate of 1,42%.
Expected inflation is calculated by IDIS Viitorul on the basis of interrogation of 200 mid and large economic agents of Moldova.
04.11.2008 605   Infomarket     
In October, economic confidence index has reached the lowest level within the last two years
As the economic expert of IDIS Viitorul Mihai Bologan has noted at the press conference on Tuesday, in October the index has made 113,7 points or half-point more than the last month. At the same time, the expert explained that low level of ECI in October yet does not specify that there is crisis in the economy of Moldova.
04.11.2008 614   Infomarket     
Some 30 business associations undersign 2009 National Business Agenda
At least 30 associations joining Moldovan businesspeople have undersigned the the 2009 National Business Agenda, launched on October 23, at a conference titled - The National Business Agenda: the list of business challenges and opportunities in Moldova."
24.10.2008 418   Info-Prim Neo     
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