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Experts have positive forecasting regarding the evolution in agriculture.
The experts forecast a raise by 4% in agriculture for current year, although the official forecasting is several times bigger. The economic expert, Viorel Chivriga declared for Info-Prim Neo, that cereals from the first group have past successfully winter season and there is good chances for a rich crop this year. Also, optimistic forecasting has been made for cereals from the second group, in particular - maize.
09.05.2007 238   Info-Prim Neo     
Institutionalized kleptocracy
There is almost no authority in the Republic of Moldova that would not "do" private fund-raising for different purposes that they set themselves. This happens under the conditions when there is no act that would regulate the relations between public and private sectors. Most often, the result of this situation generates corruption, increase of non-fiscal burden and political pressure on business, and, at the same time, increases the tendency of the private sector to conceal its income. Well, this factor is one of the most significant ones when we talk about a healthy business environment. The reports developed by Transparency International show that the Republic of Moldova came 114th out of 145 in 2006. Other indicators have decreased in the recent years as well. For instance, the study "business administration costs" carried out by the World Bank in 2006 shows a fall by 13 places within in a year describing some variables related to business environment, transparency and legal framework predictability, as well as relations with public authorities.
10.03.2007 311   By Igor Munteanu     
High temperatures put grain harvest at risk, experts warn
 High temperatures put grain harvest at risk, experts warn. The grain crops are highly endangered by the high temperatures this winter, experts in the sphere warn.Deputy Chairman of Uniagroprotect Agricultural Manufacturers' Union, Igor Vatamaniuc, stated for BASA-press that autumn crops are...
19.01.2007 256   BASA-economic, Viorel Chivriga     
Viorel Chivriga: It is important to set out courses to stop industrial recession
BASA-press interview with Viorel Chivriga, economic analyst, IDIS "Viitorul"; expert of the Rural Development Coalition.BASA-press: Moldovan industry reduced by 7.1% over 11 months last year, a premiership after six years of continuous growth. What determined this reduction?Viorel...
13.01.2007 319   BASA-economic