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Volume of agricultural production decreases in 2009 after record rise the previous year
The volume of agricultural production in Moldova fell 9.9 percent in 2009 compared to last year, as a result of a dramatic decrease in vegetal production
28.01.2010 2229   CHIVRIGA Viorel Imedia     
Moldova drops in economic freedom rankings
The Moldovan economy is free to a degree of 53.7 percent, 1.2 percent less than last year, says the 2010 Index of Economic Freedom, which was released by the Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal. Moldova placed 125th out of 179 countries ranked. This is the lowest score the country has gotten after 2001, when it received 54.9 percent. Experts say that this decrease may have been registered because some countries have made more advances than Moldova.
22.01.2010 1392   CHIVRIGA Viorel Imedia