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Complex strategy would help resolve Transnistrian dispute, European experts
The working out of a complex strategy for reintegrating Transnistria into Moldova, which would include detailed planning for different scenarios, may help settle the conflict, says the study - The Transnistrian Conflict after 20 Years" that was made by a group of experts in management of conflicts in EU Member States, Norway, Ukraine and Moldova, Info-Prim Neo reports.
03.10.2011 1949   Info Prim-Neo     
Moldovan politicians, officials urged not to interfere with media
IDIS - Viitorul" has launched a campaign to gather promises from politicians and government officers that they will not interfere with the work of political journalists.
06.04.2011 1723   www.pasos.org     
Igor Munteanu: PCRM will not take revenge this year
The Alliance for European Integration's decision to implement a constitutional reform means impossibility of taking revenge this year for the Communists Party, considers political analyst Igor Munteanu, the head of the Institute for Development and Social Initiative - Viitorul".
11.03.2010 1169   MUNTEANU Igor Info Prim-Neo     
Experts in Transnistrian issue point to inefficiency of 5+2 format of talks
The Transnistrian conflict settlement talks in the 5+2 format are inefficient, say Moldovan experts in the Transnistrian issue. According to them, Moldova should insist on a new method of tackling the problem as the current format does not advantage Moldova. These conclusions were formulated in the study - Moldova Lost in the Labyrinth of the Transnistrian Conflict" made by IDIS Viitorul expert Dumitru Manzarari. The study was discussed at a roundtable meeting on February 22, Info-Prim Neo reports.
22.02.2010 1071   Info Prim-Neo     
Power is transferred amid concurrent crises
The lack of trust between the ruling parties and the Opposition party are the major causes of the political crisis in Moldova, politologist Corneliu Ciurea said during the presentation of the first edition of the Crisis Prevention Report for July-October, which is produced by IDIS Viitorul, Info-Prim Neo reports.
27.11.2009 1189   CIUREA Cornel Info Prim-Neo     
Moldovan civil society in favor of adopting new Constitution
The political crisis in Moldova is a consequence of the unwise constitutional development, considers Victor Popa, Doctor Habilitate of Constitutional Law. At a roundtable meeting at the Institute for Development and Social Initiative - Viitorul" on Friday, the expert said the social and political situation in the country can be improved only by a constitutional reform, Info-Prim Neo reports.
13.11.2009 569   Info Prim-Neo     
Vladimir Voronin spared Government from responsibility, expert
The fact that Vladimir Voronin discharged four ministers just before tendering his resignation gives the impression that the Greceanyi Government II hides something, considers political analyst Igor Munteanu, the director of the Institute for Development and Social Initiative (IDIS) - Viitorul". - The dismissal of the ministers by presidential decree is a well-planned tactic aimed at exempting the responsible ministers from responsibility when the new government will ask questions," the expert told Info-Prim Neo.
15.09.2009 651   MUNTEANU Igor Info Prim-Neo     
European Split On Russia Threatens U.S. Policy
U.S. President Barack Obama wants to change the nature of Washington's relations with Moscow. But analysts say that won't be possible without strong support from European countries that are among Russia's biggest trade partners. Getting it will be no easy task. In the last of a three-part series on U.S.-Russia relations, RFE/RL reports on obstacles facing a unified European policy toward Russia. (See Part 1 and Part 2.)
08.09.2009 478   Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty     
Fears Rise Obama's Russia 'Reset' May Run Aground In Former Soviet Bloc (Part II)
U.S. President Barack Obama has made improving ties with Russia one of his foreign-policy priorities. But there are serious concerns in Eastern and Central Europe that Washington will sacrifice support for its allies who were once part of the Soviet bloc. In the second of a three-part series, RFE/RL examines fears that Moscow's drive to reassert its influence won't be checked. (See Part 1 and Part 3.)
08.09.2009 470   Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty     
How Obama's Russia 'Reset' Is Playing On The Ground In Europe (Part I)
U.S. President Barack Obama took office promising to try to mend ties with Russia, part of his strategy to overhaul foreign policy by engaging countries around the world. His pledge has caused serious concern in Eastern Europe that Washington would weaken its support in favor of better relations with Moscow. It's also raised doubts Obama's policy will get the support it needs in Western Europe, where opinion on Russia is divided.
08.09.2009 418   Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty     
IDIS makes recommendations to break stalemate in Parliament
The IDIS-Viitorul Institute for Development and Social Initiatives has today sent to the Constitutional Court and to all parliamentary factions a package of recommendations to help ease the strained situation in the legislative forum.
07.09.2009 607   Infotag     
Moldovans Voting In Crucial Poll
As a handful of people file into a polling station in leafy central Chisinau on a sunny day, many in this desperately poor city say what they want most is a better life.
29.07.2009 444   MUNTEANU Igor Gregory Feifer, Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty     
Voters -“ prisoners of political war
Though short, the electoral campaign for the July 29 early elections is marked by aggressiveness. Every day, the parliamentary parties reveal new cases that, as they say, come to continue and accentuate the violent character of the day of April 7, when devastating street protests took place in Chisinau.
20.07.2009 645   MUNTEANU Igor Info Prim-Neo     
Opposition Scored Victory, Communists Met Defeat - Analysts
A whole number of local political experts are unanimous in the opinion that the failed presidential election in the Moldovan Parliament and the need to hold an early parliamentary election are but a victory won by the opposition and a defeat suffered by the Communists and particularly by their leader, President of Moldova Vladimir Voronin.
09.06.2009 875   MUNTEANU Igor Infotag     
For and against early elections. Info-Prim Neo analysis
The day of May 20, when the new head of state is to be elected, can become crucial for Moldova. The society is expecting a denouement: the future president will be elected from among the members of the Communist Party or there will be held early elections if the PCRM does not obtain the 61st vote it needs to elect the head of state. Which of the two scenarios would be better for Moldova and the people? What will be the consequences of early elections if a third scenario -“ conciliation on the basis of dialogue -“ seems the least probable at the moment?
16.05.2009 969   MUNTEANU Igor Info Prim-Neo     
Backroom deals can't solve Transdniester dispute
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev met in Moscow this week with Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin and the head of the unrecognized breakaway region of Transdniester, Igor Smirnov. The final statement of the tripartite talks contains no legal commitments, but the meeting itself could have negative political implications for Moldova.
20.03.2009 438   Vlad Spanu, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (USA)     
The Strategy of socio-economic development of Gagauzia for 2009-2015 worth 174 million euros has been presented
As the head of the autonomy Mikhail Formuzal noted during the presentation of the document on Tuesday, the strategy was already adopted by the Executive Board of Gagauzia and should be considered by the National Assembly. According to Formuzal, the budget of the autonomy will allocate not less than 10% of the required funds - 2 billion 347,461 million leis (173,886 million euros).
11.03.2009 548   Infomarket     
Moldovan electorate is more intelligent than it seems
The latest opinion polls show that over 50% of the population considers that things in Moldova go in the wrong direction. More than 70% of the population says that they do not have a decent living. At the same time, a large part of the voters (about 40%) seems ready to support in the coming elections the party that has governed the country during eight years. This contradiction made many people speak about the lack of political education in Moldovan voters. But analysts deny this paradoxical theory and say in unison: the Moldovan electorate is more intelligent than it seems. It is intelligent even without the information that the political class should provide so that they could prepare for elections.
27.02.2009 899   MUNTEANU Igor Info-Prim Neo     
Different opinions about situation when election running head of state does not suspend activity
Political analyst Igor Munteanu and the MP of the Communist Party (PCRM) Vladimir Turcan have different opinions about the situation when the President of Moldova Vladimir Voronin, who is the first on the election list of the PCRM, will continue to hold the post during the election campaign, given that the Election Code does not compel him to resign, Info-Prim Neo reports.
06.02.2009 592   MUNTEANU Igor Info Prim-Neo     
Govt endorses draft National Security Strategy
The Government endorsed the draft National Security Strategy, after debates with experts and representatives of the civil society. The actions targeted at ensuring the national security are based on the statute of neutrality of Moldova, deputy premier Andrei Stratan, the minister of External Affairs and European integration, said, Info-Prim Neo reports.
29.01.2009 595   Info Prim-Neo     
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