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IDIS Viitorul and Gagauzia work out reference book: - Gagauzia: possibilities for investments"
The IDIS Viitorul Institute for Development and Social Initiatives has worked out the reference book: - Gagauzia: Possibilities for Investments".
24.12.2008 823   CHIRIAC Liubomir Infotag     
The - Viitorul" Institute for Development and Social Initiatives and the Gagauzia administration have jointly created an official website for this southern Moldovan autonomous region -“ www.gagauzia.md.
18.09.2008 332   Infotag     
Legal framework in Moldova is incomplete and fragmented
"As there are no visions, strategies and plans of action for adjusting the normative framework to the new international and national regulations, the legal framework in Moldova is incomplete and fragmented," says the study - Implementation of Laws in Moldova -“ Current Problems", presented in Chisinau on August 14.
14.08.2008 332   Reporter.md     
Authorities lack political will to apply law: IDIS think tank
The Moldovan legal system is not viable because the Moldovan authorities lack enough skill and political will to implement the laws, find experts from the Development and Social Initiatives IDIS "Viitorul" think tank, in a study launched Thursday in Chisinau, Info-Prim Neo reports.
14.08.2008 349   Info Prim-Neo