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Igor Munteanu: PCRM will not take revenge this year
The Alliance for European Integration's decision to implement a constitutional reform means impossibility of taking revenge this year for the Communists Party, considers political analyst Igor Munteanu, the head of the Institute for Development and Social Initiative - Viitorul".
11.03.2010 1170   MUNTEANU Igor Info Prim-Neo     
Experts in Transnistrian issue point to inefficiency of 5+2 format of talks
The Transnistrian conflict settlement talks in the 5+2 format are inefficient, say Moldovan experts in the Transnistrian issue. According to them, Moldova should insist on a new method of tackling the problem as the current format does not advantage Moldova. These conclusions were formulated in the study - Moldova Lost in the Labyrinth of the Transnistrian Conflict" made by IDIS Viitorul expert Dumitru Manzarari. The study was discussed at a roundtable meeting on February 22, Info-Prim Neo reports.
22.02.2010 1071   Info Prim-Neo