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The UK and Slovakia will support Moldova in achieving its EU aspiration
Democratization, overcoming the socio-economic crisis and integration into European Union are the key priorities of the Moldavian Government.
10.05.2010 1840   ANTONOV Viorica Profitmd.net     
Political elites' vulnerability to East hinders democratic transition in Moldova: study
The authoritarian values promoted from the East undermine Moldova's efforts in its democratic development. The opinion belongs to Dumitru Manzarari, the author of a research titled - Russia's foreign policy as an obstacle in the democratic development of the post-Soviet space".
09.06.2009 1816   Info Prim-Neo     
Moldovas entry into NATO means opportunity to receive direct foreign investments in the amount of $2 billion p.a., - the experts of IDIS Viitorul
«Guaranteed security is a prerequisite of economic growth». This was announced by the IDIS expert Veaceslav Ionita during presentation of the study «Why do we need NATO? Or why the existence of Moldova as the independent nation depends on the accession to NATO ».
21.01.2009 948   Deca-press     
Seeing through the fog of war
Rethinking the nexus between security and democracy provides a new framework for understanding the ongoing war between Russia and Georgia, and challenges the conventional wisdom dominating the Western thinking on democratic development in the post-soviet area
02.09.2008 1227   Dumitru Minzarari, for World Security Network     
The Kremlins Achilles Heel
You can read more on this...
29.08.2008 1003       
War of Words over South Ossetia
Both sides in the recent conflict between Russia and Georgia are engaged in a propaganda struggle in the media and in cyberspace
15.08.2008 661   Business Week     
Under the Wests Radar
With the Wests attention increasingly focused on bigger fish, few acknowledge the seeds of authoritarianism in Moldova.
14.03.2008 388   World Security Network     
Ð¡Ñ‚Ð¾ÐºÐ³Ð¾Ð»Ñ Ð¼ÑÐºÐ¸Ð¹ синдром коммунистического руководства
Ð”Ð¾Ð±Ñ€Ð¾Ð²Ð¾Ð»Ñ Ð½Ñ‹Ðµ заложники
09.01.2008 581   Moldova Azi     
Time to draw the line
The West needs to get serious about Russian troublemaking before its too late.
07.12.2007 600   Dumitru Minzarari, for TOL     
Privileged by EU/NATO neighbourhoods: Moldovas commitments towards integration
Moldova is certainly privileged by its proximity to the expanding western alliances.Thanks to its geography, size and cultural links, Moldova is becoming a part of a rediscoveredsouth-east Europe. It is already taking full benefits from the -˜accessiondividends paid directly or indirectly to it by its close neighbours (Romania, as well asthe central European countries which have passed their way into the enlarged Europe).
View: english   06.02.2007 267     // 193.568 Kb   
NON-CONVENTIONAL THREATS TO REGIONAL SECURITYLadies and Gentlemen, Distinguished Guests, I am very pleased and honored to participate in this round-table discussion, initiated by the Euro-Atlantic Council Romania - Casa NATO and the Norwegian Atlantic Committee. With your permission, I would like...
15.01.2007 739   MUNTEANU Igor     
View: english   15.01.2007 375   Igor Munteanu   // 212 Kb   
American companies get interested in moldovan wines
Over 20 American companies are interested in Moldova's wine produce, it was said at the presentation of the Chamber for Commerce and Industry of California which took place in Chisinau last Saturday. During a meeting with the representatives of local wine-making companies, John Maxemchouk of the...
23.10.2006 615   INFOTAG     
"Solving the problem of Transnistria. How can the EU contribute?"
"Solving the problem of Transnistria. How can the EU contribute?"1. Does the issue of Transnistria constitute a problem for the Common Foreign and Security Policy? Is it an issue for EU-Russian and EU-Ukrainian relations?Since March 1992, Moldova has been split into two inequal parts,...
06.09.2006 709   MUNTEANU Igor XV Economic Forum in Krynica, 6 -“ 9 of September, Poland