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Resolution of European Parliament could determine further orientation of Moldova
The resolution on the alarming situation in Moldova, adopted by the European Parliament (EP) a month after the violent events of April 7, is regarded by the Chisinau opposition as - a life buoy" for the country, while the representatives of the governance see it as - an offence to the Moldovan citizens" (from the statement of PCRM deputy Grigore Petrenco on May 7 at the sitting of EP). Experts from Chisinau firmly state: it was worded much tougher compared with the ones launched until now in order to draw the attention of the Moldovan authorities upon the shortcomings Moldova faces.
09.05.2009 1146   MUNTEANU Igor Info Prim-Neo     
Civil society puts up solutions to overcome political and economic crises in Moldova
20 known representatives of the civil society launched - A roadmap for national reconciliation and European integration of Moldova" on Monday, which puts up solutions to overcome the political and the economic crises in Moldova, Info-Prim Neo reports.
04.05.2009 997   Info-Prim Neo     
Civil Society Offers a Road Map for National Conciliation
Some twenty known representatives of the civil society launched - A roadmap for national reconciliation and European integration of Moldova" on Monday, which puts up solutions to overcome the political and the economic crises in Moldova.
04.05.2009 969   Moldova Foundation Newsletter     
Civil society works out National Reconciliation Plan
Cancellation of political control over the judiciary, ensuring the independence of the Prosecutor General's Office, de-politicization of the institution of the president, resignation of the current administration of the Teleradio-Moldova public company and election of a new administration, establishment of a permanent political conference to facilitate political dialog between the opposition and the authorities - such are the main clauses of the Plan proposed by the civil society for the sake of achieving national reconciliation and Republic of Moldova's integration into Europe.
04.05.2009 980   Infotag     
A roadmap for Moldova
The crisis in Moldova continues. To help the country, the EU must pay more attention -“and sustain its attention.
01.05.2009 1030   MUNTEANU Igor European Voice     
International organizations ask for European intervention to stop intimidation of Moldovan civil society
A number of international organizations demand that the European institutions intervene to stop the policy of systematically intimidating the civil society in Moldova pursued by the Moldovan authorities, Info-Prim Neo reports, quoting a communiqué from the Pro Democracy Association (APD).
29.04.2009 512   Info Prim-Neo     
PASOS concerned about deterioration of political situation in Moldova
The Policy Association for an Open Society (PASOS) has expressed its profound concern about the worsening of political situation in Moldova.
29.04.2009 580   Infotag     
Foreign organizations demanding to stop intimidation of Moldovan NGOs
A number of foreign organizations are demanding from European structures to help stop intimidation of Moldovan non-governmental organizations by the Communist authorities and to protect the NGOs from the Moldovan Government's ill-treatment, the Pro Democratia Association (APD) wrote in a press release.
29.04.2009 726   Infotag     
Mothers of arrested children must set up Council of Mothers - Igor Munteanu
Mothers, whose children were arrested during the last days in Chisinau by plain-clothed policemen, must set up a council and demand from the police to release their children", Director of the IDIS Viitorul Institute for Development and Social Initiatives Igor Munteanu said.
13.04.2009 671   MUNTEANU Igor Infotag     
Coalition 2009 wants to check electoral registers
The Civic Coalition for Free and Fair Elections - Coalition 2009 intends to verify the electoral lists used in the April 5 legislative elections. On April 10, the organization filed an application to the Central Election Commission (CEC), asking that it is also allowed to copy the documents from the polling places of the Chisinau Electoral District, Info-Prim Neo reports.
11.04.2009 467   Info Prim-Neo     
Russia Supports Moldova Vote Probe
Russia stepped up its support Thursday for the government of Moldova in the wake of disputed elections, signaling it is determined to cement its growing influence in the former Soviet republic.
09.04.2009 395   MUNTEANU Igor Andrew Osborn, Wall Street Journal     
Moldovans, Georgians take to streets
An estimated 100,000 protesters lined Tbilisi's Rustaveli Avenue on Thursday, chanting, -˜Get out!' referring to Saakashvili. The crisis in Chisinau has the potential to become a new flashpoint between Russia and the European Union: Moscow still retains a close interest in Moldovan affairs, and is widely believed to be propping up the breakaway regime in Transdnestr, a thin strip of land between the Dnestr River and the Ukrainian border.
08.04.2009 431   MUNTEANU Igor Moscow News     
Moldova's Communists Win Majority in Parliamentary Vote
President Vladimir Voronin waves to supporters at a polling station in Chisinau on April 5.
06.04.2009 318   Eugen Tomiuc. Radu Benea of RFE/RL's Moldovan Service contributed to this report     
At Wake Up and Vote! concert, Chisinau residents say they will vote
Thousands of young Chisinau folks attended a concert on February 27 in the evening , downtown the city. The slogan of the drive was - Wake Up and Vote!" The merrymakers said they will participate in the parliamentary elections of April 5. The event was conducted by the IDIS Viitorul Institute, Info-Prim Neo reports.
28.02.2009 526   Info Prim-Neo     
Moldovas overall performance in governance and anti-corruption is weak
Moldovas overall performance in governance and anti-corruption is weak, says the Global Integrity Report: 2008 released in Washington, the United States, on February 18.
19.02.2009 490   Info Prim-Neo     
Internal reform agenda should be Moldovas top priority, Bundestag member
Moldovas internal agenda of reform should be the number one priority for the country, thinks Markus Meckel, currently a member of the Bundestag and the last foreign minister of the German Democratic Republic.
07.02.2009 544   Info Prim-Neo     
IDIS to launch campaign to make politicians and voters more responsible
The Institute for Development and Social Initiative IDIS - Viitorul" will start a campaign to encourage the peoples participation in the 2009 legislative elections.
22.12.2008 582   Info Prim-Neo     
Project aimed at raising the Moldovan population's interest to the 2009 parliamentary elections
The Delegation of the European Commission to Moldova will finance a project aimed at raising the Moldovan population's interest to the 2009 parliamentary elections.
19.12.2008 322   Infotag     
Moldovan fear of political instability
00 The Moldovans are afraid of political instability. It's a conclusion of a poll called - Social Trends and Expectations Related to the Changes to Occur in 2009", carried out by CBS-AXA and commissioned by IDIS Viitorul think tank, launched on December 17, Info-Prim Neo reports.
17.12.2008 769   MUNTEANU Igor Info Prim-Neo     
Democratic learning: why not ?
An important indicator of democratisation is the decentralisation of the public service. It is not just the division of the executive power into one of central and another of local level, it is also about the ability of the central authorities and of the civil society to engage and maintain a permanent dialogue over a common agenda. Such a dialogue helps to avoid the -˜corporatisation of public life by a populist and authoritarian power and produce the public services needed by the citizens. Regularly held, such dialogue is a good indicator of the societys degree of tolerance, democratic values and public trust.
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