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At 20 years of independence, historical politics of Moldova swings between two - poles" of evil
20 years anniversary of the Independence of Moldova represents a moment of reflection that obliges us to discuss the main topics of our foreign policy. One of its guidelines was historical politics, ascertains the expert of IDIS - Viitorul," Cornel Ciurea, in the 34th edition of the Foreign Policy Statewatch. This edition is entitled - Historic policy in the Republic of Moldova -“ an unfulfilled obsession".
22.08.2011 1503   CIUREA Cornel     
EU launches first two projects in Chisinau
The Delegation of the European Union to Moldova on January 14 launched officially the first two projects in the municipality of Chisinau. During the next two years, the capital city will receive grants of over 1.3 million euros that will be used to implement the projects aimed at optimizing energy consumption and preventing climate change, Info-Prim Neo reports.
14.01.2010 1062   Info Prim-Neo     
Civil Society Library inaugurated
The Institute for Development and Social Initiative (IDIS) "Viitorul" Friday opened the Civil Society Library set up with the assistance of the Embassy of Hungary in Moldova, Info-Prim Neo reports, quoting a communiqué from the Institute.
08.05.2009 1057   Moldova Azi, after Info Prim-Neo     
About 60% of Moldovan migrants are in Russia -“ IDIS Viitorul report
This is announced in the tripartite report «Migration trends and policies in the Black Sea region: Moldova, Romania and Ukraine», submitted on December 23 by the experts of IDIS Viitorul.. Such situation is stipulated by the unresolved Transnistrian conflict.
23.12.2008 1235   Infomarket     
200 public Gagauz servants to learn official language
218 mayors, lawyers, doctors, accountants employed in the Gagauz autonomy will attending beginners classes in Romanian as from January 15, 2009, Info-Prim Neo reports.
16.10.2008 1434   Info-Prim Neo     
Civil servants from Moldova's southern Gagauzia region, who are studying the state language as part of a project by the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities
n 1989, Moldovan/Romanian was declared the state language of the Republic of Moldova. The country's national minorities, however, continued to use mainly Russian - as they had in the past - which thus became a de facto language of inter-ethnic communication.
24.07.2008 590       
Unofficial Taxation: An Evil in Full Progress in the Republic of Moldova
Unofficial Taxation: An Evil in Full Progress in the Republic of MoldovaThere is almost no authority in the Republic of Moldova that would not "do" private fund-raising for different purposes that they set themselves. This happens under the conditions when there is no act that would...
22.01.2007 614   MUNTEANU Igor     
Deputies and Ministers Own Apartments, Cottages and Plots with the Prices of a Bicycle or TV Set
 Deputies and Ministers Own Apartments, Cottages and Plots with the Prices of a Bicycle or TV Set  The head of state, deputies, ministers and district attorneys from the Republic of Moldova own property with an incredibly small price tag. Such information is presented in the declarations...
29.08.2006 449   Info-Prim Neo     
Problems Of Highger Prices for tickets in minibuses in Chisinau discussed in contradictory
Private transporters in Chisinau seek higher prices of tickets in minibuses, while independent experts say that the introduction of higher transportation tariffs is groundless. "Transporters negotiate higher tariffs with a muncipal commission. If the commission does not give green light to...
29.09.2005 466   IONITSA Veaceslav Basa-press