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About 60% of Moldovan migrants are in Russia -“ IDIS Viitorul report
This is announced in the tripartite report «Migration trends and policies in the Black Sea region: Moldova, Romania and Ukraine», submitted on December 23 by the experts of IDIS Viitorul.. Such situation is stipulated by the unresolved Transnistrian conflict.
23.12.2008 1237   Infomarket     
200 public Gagauz servants to learn official language
218 mayors, lawyers, doctors, accountants employed in the Gagauz autonomy will attending beginners classes in Romanian as from January 15, 2009, Info-Prim Neo reports.
16.10.2008 1435   Info-Prim Neo     
Civil servants from Moldova's southern Gagauzia region, who are studying the state language as part of a project by the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities
n 1989, Moldovan/Romanian was declared the state language of the Republic of Moldova. The country's national minorities, however, continued to use mainly Russian - as they had in the past - which thus became a de facto language of inter-ethnic communication.
24.07.2008 591