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Political Training and Fellowship

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Young leaders formulate sustainable solutions for local policies
Saturday, May 26, young Leaders from the Political Learning School presented the results of their internship activities performed in 5 regions of Moldova. Thus, they analyzed the actual situation in different communities, presented relevant statistical data and tried to formulate recommendations to solve identified local problems.
29.05.2012 16913       
Young political leaders discuss about the professionalism of local elected officials and the advocacy reform
Tuesday, on May 22, young political leaders of the Political Training School met to discuss their research topics being moderated by the IDIS “Viitorul” expert, Leonid Litra.
23.05.2012 7858       
European Union is the only body that guarantees welfare, sovereignty and integrity
In the first part of the course "European institutions and decision-making mechanisms at the EU level", participants learned more about the smart building of the EU, namely about institutions that design and develop policies at the European level: The European Council, which can be compared to a State Parliament, The EU Council, The European Commission and not least, The European Parliament, created to represent more than 500 million European citizens.
07.05.2012 2000       
Not all nations have a great strategy, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't have one
Great strategy, security, risks, threats and security sector reforms were some topics of the course "The Security Sector Reform in Eastern Europe", held by Iulian Chifu at the Political Learning School
30.04.2012 2072       
The political opposition is the most advanced and institutionalized political conflict in Moldova
Thursday, on April 12, young leaders from the Political Training School met to present the results of the internship working groups activities and to discuss their research topics.
13.04.2012 1706       
Moldova's economy needs innovation and competitiveness
Types of economic systems, the characteristics of market economy, competition, property, economic freedom, the Moldovan transit and ways of economic growth were some of the issues revealed in the course "Current economic growth model".
09.04.2012 1073       
On television everything is learned
"Never a live show is not what appears on screen. On television everything is learned". Like this began the journalist Mircea Surdu the course" Electronic Communication Techniques: TV and Radio", held on 24 and 31 March at the Political Training School.
02.04.2012 1078       
Young political leaders discuss current research topics
Young Political Leaders Club meeting on March 22 was dedicated to discuss research themes of Liuba Chirilov and Enachi Silvia, two of participants at Political Training School. Thus, Enachi Silvia spoke about the quality indices, their classification and significance for assessing the political process in Moldova.
23.03.2012 999       
Equitable social policies involve the budgetary cake redistribution
"For me (cit. Marian Preda), IDIS "Viitorul "is the most important NGO in Moldova". Thus began the 15th course "Social policy within the European Union", held by Prof. Dr. Marian Preda from the University of Bucharest at the Political Training School on 16 and 17 March.
19.03.2012 946       
Moldova needs a consolidated management of public finances
At the course "Public finances in the Republic of Moldova" , young leaders learned what is the public budget, its functions and components.Interpretations and meanings of public finance have been disccused in the first part of the course. Political Training School participants knew that the public finances mean a way to cover public expenditure and, it’s a way of economic and social intervention. "The state sets the rules of the game in the public budget," said the IDIS “Viitorul” expert, Angela Secrieru. Among the topics which were discussed Friday, March 2 were included: the public revenue, the public expenditure, treasury, the financial mechanism and national problems of tax system as a whole.
05.03.2012 881       
How are build social policies depends on us
“Why do we need social policies? was the question that started the 13th course of the Advanced Political Learning School entitled “Social Policy in the Republic of Moldova: from theory to practice", supported on 24 and 25 February by the sociologist Diana Cheianu - Andrei, expert of IDIS "Viitorul".
27.02.2012 927       
About the administration reform is spoken slowly and uncertain in Moldova
The 12th course during the Advanced Political Learning School, held on 17 and 18 February was dedicated to the decentralization reforms and regulations in the Republic of Moldova, reforms necessary to strengthen the capacities of local authorities. The course was supported by Mr. Liubomir Chiriac, the executive director of IDIS "Viitorul".
20.02.2012 1559       
Moldova needs an accessible, efficient, independent, transparent, professional and responsible justice system
The Strategy of justice sector reform in Moldova has been the subject of the course held on 10 and 11 February at the Advanceed Political Learning School. Thus, the expert of IDIS "Viitorul", Ion Beschieru has presented to young main the objectives and the strategic directions of the reform, after analyzing with participants the main role players in the country's justice system.
13.02.2012 730       
If you don't communicate, you don't exist
43, 10 years in the media, 10 years as a lecturer, author of texts for Zdob and Zdub and Furio Snails bands, a 11 years daughter and the director of communications agency "URMA ta" are just some of relevant things that characterizes the journalist Igor Guzun, author of the course "Effective communication techniques for leaders", held on February 3 to 4 at the Advanced Political Learning School.
06.02.2012 802       
Liberalization dialogue with the EU visa regime should be understood as a reforming process, capable of generating sustainable effects
The dialogue with the EU visa liberalization regime shouldn’t be considerated as a finality in which Moldovan citizens will travel without visas, but primarily as a comprehensive process, capable of generating sustainable positive results. Like that began the 9th course of the Advanced Political Learning School which was held on January 27-28 .
30.01.2012 1116       
Young leaders are ready to write effective policy papers
On Thursday, January 12, Political Learning School participants met in a work meeting where they spoke about the main rules of writing an effective policy paper. Thus, those present discussed with the IDIS “Viitorul” experts about topics they chose for their research, reformulated some of their topics and analyzed components of the input paragraph.
23.01.2012 751       
The public survey - a tool for knowledge or for manipulate the society?
In the first part of the 8th course of the Political Learning School "The art of survey/Qualitative measurement. Public survey - a tool for knowledge or for manipulate the society?" held on 16 and 17 December 2011, the sociologist Vasile Cantarji spoke to youth about the stages of the sociological research, particularities of the public survey as a technique to test characteristics of a population on a representative sample; about the specific of sampling, the representation which actually depends on how the sample is build; about election polls and exit polls, and about how we treat with variours polls. Also, Vasile Cantarji brought many examples of surveys, including the Public Opinion Barometer and different exit polls organized in last years.
19.12.2011 760       
Training and education based on success and winning strategies
A political campaign is one of the most challenging tasks for the political process possible. All campaigns need to communicate a convincing message to voters. This is a golden rule in politics. A political campaign is a communication process - creating the right message, sending messages to the right audiences and repeat it again and again.
12.12.2011 732       
A public policy paper should not only be read, but also discussed and understood
At the first part of the course "Writing effective policy papers: theory, tools and practices", Cornel Ciurea talked about the models that represent the basis of any research as: scientism, nomothetic, ideographic, determinism and stochastic models.
05.12.2011 706       
Not all crises have a solution; they appear, exist and make troubles
At the first session of the course "Management of crises: tools of evaluation and forecasting" , the expert, Cornel Ciurea affirmed that we are surrounded by crisis, and our societies are catastrophic one, societies that become more and more unpredictable with each day. There is always risk and, the risk multiplication determines the society to develop tools for prevent them, called crisis prevention tools. Unfortunately, our forecast capabilities are becoming more limited and the situation of guessing what will happen is very rare.
28.11.2011 742       
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