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Structure of the raion councils alliances: Between hopes and facts
View: româna   english   05.10.2015     // 781.646 Kb   
The election results in Gagauzia - failure of Chisinau?
View: româna   english   07.04.2015     // 696.671 Kb   
The case of Gagauzia: developments and recommendations from civil society of the Republic of Moldova
View: româna   english   23.02.2015     // 149.285 Kb   
Republic of Moldova in the light of american mass-media
View: româna   english   15.08.2014     // 747.112 Kb   
The reform of The peacekeeping mission in Transnistria: a premise for conflict settlement
View: româna   english   29.04.2014     // 2085.354 Kb   
Causes and effects of the referenda from UTA Gagauz-Yeri
View: româna   english   русский   24.02.2014     // 881.319 Kb   
Gagauzia Autonomy: Political Blackmail or in Search of New Contractual Relations between Comrat and Chisinau
View: româna   english   05.09.2013     // 885.324 Kb   
How to get rid of post-sovietness?
View: româna   english   08.02.2013     // 1938.426 Kb   
Financing of political parties and electoral campaigns from the Republic of Moldova: legislative realities, alternatives and draft laws
View: româna   english   30.10.2012     // 184.745 Kb   
A short radiography of the pharmaceutical market in Moldova
View: româna   english   30.08.2012     // 395.705 Kb   
The effects of changing electoral system in Moldova
View: româna   english   26.04.2012   LITRA Leonid   // 280.842 Kb   
Regime change in Transnistria, what should Moldova expect?
View: româna   english   23.12.2011   LITRA Leonid   // 298.591 Kb   
The procedure for electing the President - a starting point for a new reconfiguration of the political situation in the country
View: româna   english   15.11.2011     // 383.438 Kb   
Black Book of Moldavian Mass-media
View: româna   english   06.04.2011   MOCANU Ghenadie   // 721.209 Kb   
The audit of the democratic system of Republic of Moldova: Anthology of Analysis on Governance
View: româna   english   23.02.2011     // 3897.011 Kb   
The institutional aspects and financial regulation of the mass media in the Republic of Moldova. Focus on Teleradio-moldova
View: româna   english   14.12.2010     // 759.394 Kb   
Financing political parties: between transparency and obscurity
View: româna   english   06.12.2010     // 1494.89 Kb   
Political Parties Legislation in Moldova
View: româna   english   30.07.2010   MUNTEANU Igor   // 1885.12 Kb   
A plea for Open Parliaments in the Black Sea Region. Cases of Romnania, Republic of Moldova, Bulgaria and Georgia
View: english   23.12.2008     // 2901.641 Kb   
The new OSCE plan to end the decade-long conflict between Moldova and the separatistTransnistrian Moldovan Republic has stirred up emotions in Chisinau. The Politics section of thismaterial argues that, while it may be well intentioned, the plan is likely to fail like all the others beforeit, because it is unrealistic. No workable federal arrangement can be reached, and no free and fairelections held on all Moldovas territory, before the substantial disarmament of parts is implementedunder neutral international supervision. Unfortunately this is not likely to happen until the majorinternational actors understand the importance of transforming Moldova into a stable and reasonablyfunctional state -“ primarily the EU, who is going to share a border with it soon. It is important that theWest commit some effort and resources to achieving this long-term goal.
View: english   09.02.2008   MUNTEANU Igor Pilot issue, 1 / 2002   // 554.169 Kb   
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