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transnistrian conflict regulation strategy
The main objective of this Strategy is to reach a long-lasting and durable resolution of the - frozen" conflict in Moldova, followed by full and comprehensive re-integration of the break-away region into the constitutional, economic, political, social and cultural realities of the Republic of Moldova. The strategy uses a conflict resolution methodology which first appeared in 2003 under the name of the - three Ds Model of Settlement". The Model consists of three closely intertwined elements: demilitarization, decriminalization and democratization of the eastern districts of the RoM. The timeline for implementation of the - 3D" strategy covers 4 years: January 2005 -“ December 2008. An Action Plan outlines the steps needed to settle the Transnistrian conflict, particularly through the elimination of all separatist sources and organized crime networks, and the reintegration of the eastern districts into the constitutional framework of the Republic of Moldova.
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