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Indexation of pensions - system subtleties or economic abuse of state!?
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Sustainable funding solutions for the health system in the Republic of Moldova
View: româna   english   10.12.2015     // 894.07 Kb   
A study of poverty reduction policies in the Republic of Moldova
View: româna   english   19.11.2015     // 946.251 Kb   
Employment policies impact on labour market in the Republic of Moldova
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Civil Society Organizations From the Republic of Moldova: Development, Sustainability and Participation in Policy Dialogue
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The compatibility between the woman’s occupational status and her maternal role
View: româna   english   17.01.2013     // 996.838 Kb   
Gender inequality on the labour market in the Republic of Moldova
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Recognition of prior learning (RPL) for returning migrants in Moldova: realities and trends
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European Integration Index for Eastern Partnership Countries
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Structural reform of education: between commitments, opportunities and constraints II
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Geopolitics of Orthodoxy and State-Church Relationship in the Republic of Moldova
View: româna   english   08.11.2011   ŢUGUI Eduard   // 468.82 Kb   
Social tensions upon registration of the Islamic League in Moldova. is it time for a thorough debate on the Law on religious cults?
View: româna   english   21.07.2011   MOCANU Ghenadie   // 393.196 Kb   
Structural reform of education: between commitments, opportunities and constraints
View: româna   english   11.07.2011   LIPCEAN Sergiu   // 412.047 Kb   
Preserving the cultural and historic heritage of Moldova, a challenge of the modern world
View: româna   english   06.07.2011     // 356.959 Kb   
Social Protection and Social inclusion in Moldova
View: româna   english   русский   12.01.2010     // 1949.754 Kb   
Migration Trends and Policies in the Black Ssea Region: cases of Moldova, Romania and Ukraine
View: româna   english   22.12.2008     // 871.765 Kb   
Policy brief: Decentralisation of the education reform and spending for education
View: româna   english   22.08.2008   MUNTEANU Igor   // 2395.458 Kb   
Test engleza
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In a century over crowed with news and new data, we have become more andmore concerned by the modality in which we manage the information. It is onlynatural to ask ourselves the question if this high concern from the last decade forthe way we understand to manage the access to new information in a society representsindeed an objective condition of development or it is just a passing fashion?And this is due to numerous paradigms so much popular in the last decadethat have become forgotten in the libraries of the time without confirming theirreserve of trust and impatience so much credited some time ago.Is - knowledge management" indeed so much important for our society?What is the relative use of - knowledge" paradigm in the context of multipletransitions occurring in our society? What are the long and medium-termbenefits of assimilating this concept in programs of technical assistance anddevelopment offered by UNDP to developing countries and what are the eventualcosts and risks of this paradigm? What is the degree in which this conceptintermingles with the fulfilment of the millennium goals (MDG) and the prioritiesset up by every State in accordance with its national priorities and itspolitical or economic trend? This study is addressed to those who wish to findout answers to questions linked to - knowledge management" and, in particular,to those willing to increase the impact of their work and set up goals.
View: româna   english   25.11.2007   MUNTEANU Igor   // 753.398 Kb   
The Vocational study of formation and insertion in the Republic of Moldova: outlooks and institutions
The Republic of Moldova, having initially the statement of association to the UE, has the possibility to harmonize the policies according to the requirements and objectives formulated in the Lisabonas Agenda to become really a facilitated space of justifi cation, formation, orientation, insertion and mobility of work forces, high skilled and well paid.
View: english   11.12.2006   Nicolae TODERAS   // 702.599 Kb