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The consequences of the disappearance of national consensus on European integration
View: româna   english   14.12.2012     // 254.696 Kb   
The visit of Barroso and the European future of the Republic of Moldova
View: româna   english   13.12.2012     // 330.344 Kb   
Russians` complaints against third energy package and its importance for Moldova
View: româna   07.12.2012       
Parliamentary elections in Ukraine (2012) and the European integration prospects of the Republic of Moldova
View: româna   english   29.11.2012     // 294.308 Kb   
Strengthening bilateral relations between the Republic of Moldova and Turkey - towards a free trade agreement and a strategic partnership
View: româna   english   29.11.2012     // 307.016 Kb   
The neutrality and sovereignty of Moldova in the sight of Russia
View: româna   english   13.11.2012     // 259.225 Kb   
Unsustainability of negotiations on transnistrian conflict settlement or why security matters
View: româna   english   05.11.2012     // 263.857 Kb   
The immunity of the Republic of Moldova in the context of EU financial crisis
View: româna   12.07.2012       
Russia’s new policy in the post-soviet space
View: româna   english   22.06.2012     // 460.579 Kb   
Republic of Moldova-NATO relations
View: româna   english   31.05.2012     // 357.061 Kb   
Vulnerability of energy security in Eastern Europe and testing of commitments regarding the 3rd energy package (the case of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine)
View: româna   english   25.04.2012   MUNTEAN Ion   // 282.043 Kb   
The joint meeting of the Republic of Moldova and Romania Governments -“ Evolution of moldovan-romanian relations depending on the political factor
View: româna   english   06.04.2012     // 268.926 Kb   
Does the Republic of Moldova need military planes and helicopters to ensure state border guard in the air?
View: româna   english   28.03.2012   BERBECA Veaceslav   // 318.202 Kb   
The reset of Moldovan-Ukrainian relations after 20 years: nothing is agreed until everything is agreed
View: româna   english   22.03.2012   LITRA Leonid   // 255.303 Kb