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The Union of Insurers of Moldova has signed a National Business Agenda

05.03.2009   Infomarket  484 

As the chairman of the Union of insurers of Moldova Mihai Manoli informed InfoMarket, signing of agenda would allow the Union of Insurers to promote its business plan for 2009. Among the main tasks for 2009, Manoli noted stabilizing collaborative relationships with the members of other professional associations that have signed the national business agenda, as well as with the Parliament, Government, the National Commission for Financial Market and other institutions that may contribute to the development of the insurance market of Moldova. The Union will also contribute to the development and implementation of the legal framework of insurance. Mihai Manoli said that the national insurance market has rather big potential, which can be used through diversification of the insurance products and initiation of the new mandatory insurance. In particular, he talked about the possibility of expansion of insurance services in case of emergency.   For example, the floods of the last summer made the mandatory property insurance rather actual. Among other things Mihai Manoli also noted mandatory insurance of agricultural land. According to Manoli, introduction of the mandatory insurance in agricultural sector is one of the requirements of EU to EU countries, as well as the countries seeking to join EU. According to the Union of Insurers, the introduction of the mandatory insurance in agricultural sector will create factors of security and sustainability for farmers as well as for rural households. At the same time, Mihai Manoli noted good results in the field of the voluntary health insurance. According to him, there are already 20 thousand of customers at the market, who, alongside with the mandatory health insurance purchased voluntary health insurance policies. Another major activity of the Union of Insurers in 2009 will be creation of the special database containing information on the registers of the insurance agents, as well as other data that can then be used to resolve disputes, as well as in the process of development and adoption of the insurance tariffs. The National Business Agenda (NBA) was launched on October 23, 2008 and was signed by more than 30 business associations in Moldova, including Association of Banks of Moldova, the Republican club of business people «Timpul», Foreign Investors Association, the Association of Customs Brokers, Road Transport Association of Moldova, Association of local producers of Moldova etc. NBA is a common platform of effective solutions for the business environment to be introduced in 2009. The consolidation and promotion process was contributed by the Institute of Development and Social Initiatives «Viitorul» with the support of the U.S. International Center for Private Business.

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