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The Strategy of socio-economic development of Gagauzia for 2009-2015 worth 174 million euros has been presented

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As the head of the autonomy Mikhail Formuzal noted during the presentation of the document on Tuesday, the strategy was already adopted by the Executive Board of Gagauzia and should be considered by the National Assembly. According to Formuzal, the budget of the autonomy will allocate not less than 10% of the required funds - 2 billion 347,461 million leis (173,886 million euros). According to the strategy, the main directions of development of the region are: improving the regulatory framework, development of small and medium-sized businesses,   development of regional relations, improvement of marketing of agricultural development, development of horticulture, viticulture and stock-raising, construction and repair of sewage and  water systems, repair and construction of roads ; rehabilitation of social and cultural objects,   development of agricultural, ecological and cultural tourism. The document contains 115 investment projects with the identified target groups, costs, possible funding sources and contact persons. The cheapest is the project on creation of the marketing center in Comrat (20 thousand leis), and the most expensive -“ the project on restoration of viticulture of the region (1.8 billion leis, or 167 million euros) and opening of medical diagnostic center in Comrat (more than 1,5 billion euros). The three key projects are: electronic mayoralty -“ equipping of 26 mayoralties of Gagauzia with computers (495 thousand leis or 36,2 thousand euros), creation of business incubator (762 thousand leis or 56,5 thousand euros) and creation of the tourist complex «Gagauz village» (7 million leis, or 512 thousand euros). The Strategy was developed by the specialists of the economic department of the Executive Committee of Gagauzia within the project «Local economic development through activities and alliances in Moldova» (DELTA - Moldova) IDIS "Viitorul", with the assistance of the experts of Expert-Grup, with financial and technical support of the Open Society Institute (LGI / OSI) and Soros Foundation. During development of the strategy the Center for Economic Development was created, the economic situation and development potential of Gagauzia was analyzed, the site www.gagauzia.md was launched, a working group on strategic planning was established and the Investors Guide on Gagauzia was prepared. As the deputy director of the Open Society Institute (LGI / OSI) Scott Adams noted, the next steps of the project partners will be training of the local officials and businessmen in preparing business plans and investment projects, as well as monitoring of the strategys implementation.

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