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Moldovan civil society in favor of adopting new Constitution

13.11.2009   Info Prim-Neo  569 

The political crisis in Moldova is a consequence of the unwise constitutional development, considers Victor Popa, Doctor Habilitate of Constitutional Law. At a roundtable meeting at the Institute for Development and Social Initiative - Viitorul" on Friday, the expert said the social and political situation in the country can be improved only by a constitutional reform, Info-Prim Neo reports.

A study made by Victor Popa says the constitutional reform must remove all the defects, unclear norms and badly-thought out mechanisms that cause confusion and hinder the democratic development.

The expert said the adoption of a new Constitution is necessary because the present supreme law has a temporary character as it was passed by a Parliament that was not directly empowered by the people to do so.

Victor Popa stressed that the Constitution can be amended by two ways. The modification of the Constitution by the vote of 2/3 of MPs is now impossible. Thus, the expert suggests holding a referendum. - The Constitution becomes a supreme law only after it is ratified by referendum."

Moldova's Constitution represents a nucleus of contradictions. - We have been in a political crisis during a decade. Now we have the possibility of reformulating this document and if we do not do it, we will have again early elections," he said.

The Head of Parliament and Moldova's Acting President Mihai Ghimpu said the approval of a new Constitution is a necessary step. - We must ensure the constructive functioning of the law. The present Constitution contains shortcomings created by the former government," Ghimpu said.

The study represents a call to the Parliament, which confirms that the civil society is in favor of the adoption of a new Constitution, the participants in the roundtable meeting said.  

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