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Complex strategy would help resolve Transnistrian dispute, European experts

03.10.2011   Info Prim-Neo  1948 

The working out of a complex strategy for reintegrating Transnistria into Moldova, which would include detailed planning for different scenarios, may help settle the conflict, says the study - The Transnistrian Conflict after 20 Years" that was made by a group of experts in management of conflicts in EU Member States, Norway, Ukraine and Moldova, Info-Prim Neo reports.

The study is a project implemented by the Institute for Development and Social Initiative (IDIS) - Viitorul" and the Center for Eastern Studies of Warsaw.

Witold Rodkiewicz, analyst at the Center for Eastern Studies, said there are prospects to make headway towards solving the frozen conflict. Among the recommendations formulated by the European experts, Witold Rodkiewicz mentioned increasing the financing and creating an institution responsible for the countrys reunification. According to him, such institutions should focus on field activities, not diplomacy.

Another recommendation is to carry out activities that would enable Chisinau and Tiraspol to reach a compromise on the resources allocated for resolving the Transnistrian dispute. There must be determined the possible costs of the identified solutions and stressed the possible benefits.

IDIS expert Corneliu Ciurea said that one of the conclusions of the study is that a set of very concrete short-term measures aimed at approaching Chisinau and Tiraspol is needed. - The experts consider there should be devised a memorandum with the European Union, which would define the actions that must be taken in concert with the EU and Moldova," said Corneliu Ciurea.

The authors of the study consider that the EU should convince Russia to transform the peacekeeping operation dominated by it into an international one under the mandate of the OSCE. The European Union is encouraged to initiate activities to work out such a mandate. At economic level, the experts recommend launching joint infrastructure projects that would unite the two banks.

Expert in the Transnistrian problem Oazu Nanto said that by this study the civil society worked well and emphasized the most important conclusions and recommendations. - I think it is very important to discuss the issue with the people living on the left bank of the Nistru. The population must be informed about the Moldovan Governments intentions about the prospects that would appear for every Transnistrian as a result of reintegration," said the expert.

The study - The Transnistrian Conflict after 20 Years" was presented in a conference organized by IDIS - Viitorul".

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