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Moldovan fear of political instability

17.12.2008   Info Prim-Neo  769 
Gradul ştiinţific: President of Border of Directors, Dr. in Law, MA in Political Sciences

The Moldovans are afraid of political instability. It's a conclusion of a poll called - Social Trends and Expectations Related to the Changes to Occur in 2009", carried out by CBS-AXA and commissioned by IDIS Viitorul think tank, launched on December 17, Info-Prim Neo reports.

28% of the interviewees have called the political instability among the three main big causes of their present situation. The other two are corruption, 35% consider and the inefficiency of state bodies, 18 % of the interviewed say. Generally, the poll shows poverty is the main cause mostly affecting the daily life of the interviewed citizens -“ 51%, followed by job shortage -“ 22%, and corruption -“ 5.5%.

When to explain the feeling of fear for political instability in a society governed by the same party -“ the Communists (PCRM)-“ for 8 years in a row, IDIS's executive manager Igor Munteanu opines the feeling is due to the lack of other politicians in the public info space. For most of the people, other political actors practically do not exist, since their activities are not made public, as the PCRM's image is promoted. Munteanu appreciates this situation as - malign" for the Moldovan society. In today's conditions, the population largely do not accept the principles of the multi-party system, think there should be only one party or two, and is afraid of alternating governments.

The poll tells of the maintenance of a negative feeling about the multi-party system. Only some 18.3% of the interviewed support the multi-party system; 33.3% consider two parties are enough, and 38.3% pledges for a single party in the country or against any party at all.

IDIS experts conclude that a fair amount of population are skeptic concerning the role of political parties in a democratic system, is afraid and even irritated at the existence of several opinions. According to the experts, this tells of the rudimentary degree of political culture, stimulated by the present political regime.

The poll was carried out by CBS-AXA, at IDIS Viitorul's commission, from November 16 to 24, 2008. The error margin is ± 3%.

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