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At Wake Up and Vote! concert, Chisinau residents say they will vote

28.02.2009   Info Prim-Neo  526 

Thousands of young Chisinau folks attended a concert on February 27 in the evening , downtown the city. The slogan of the drive was - Wake Up and Vote!" The merrymakers said they will participate in the parliamentary elections of April 5. The event was conducted by the IDIS Viitorul Institute, Info-Prim Neo reports.

Moldovan singers and bands Aura, Alexa, Natalia Barbu, Onnik, Chocolate, London, Oktavyan, Danger Show Ballet performed on the stage as the Romanian singer Claudia (Cream) came as a special guests.

- The Moldovans do not trust anyone, and we try to encourage them it will better tomorrow. After the elections I hope my tiny country will have a better future, more stability, bigger salaries for the people to live decently," Natalia Barbu told Info-Prim Neo.

Alexa said everybody must go and vote, because everyone's ballot counts. - It's a dot in your that can change something"

The organizers distributed fliers inviting the Moldovan youth to take part in making decisions in the country.

According to an IDIS Viitorul coordinator, Laura Bohantov, the initiative is part of a project on stimulating civic responsibility in the 2009 election campaign, financed by the Delegation of the European Commission to Moldova, through the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights.

Similar events were conducted in Balti and Cahul.  

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