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Mothers of arrested children must set up Council of Mothers - Igor Munteanu

13.04.2009   Infotag  671 
Gradul ştiinţific: President of Border of Directors, Dr. in Law, MA in Political Sciences

Mothers, whose children were arrested during the last days in Chisinau by plain-clothed policemen, must set up a council and demand from the police to release their children", Director of the IDIS Viitorul Institute for Development and Social Initiatives Igor Munteanu said.

He recalled that people in uniform, who produce their documents and declare the arrest's reasons, arrest people in a normal society.

"The mass arrests of young people during the last days in Chisinau cannot be qualified in any other way, as the authorities' attempt to put the blame for pogroms in Chisinau on April 7 on the youth, who were not even present in the central square and had no idea, what was going on there. The police hunts for young people, as for thieves, without having evidence that they participated in the destruction of the Parliament Building and the Presidential Administration Building", Munreanu said.

In his opinion, the main reason consists in the recognition of the elections results, but the Communists try to avert the public's attention from this by mass arrests of young people, accused of the participation in the pogroms.

Munteanu considers that the youth's indignation increased in the connection with President Vladimir Voronin's irresponsible statement in the evening on April 5 that the Communists will not negotiate with any party, which will pass to the Parliament and made understand that the Moldovan Communist Party is the only sound party in the Republic of Moldova.

He estimates the President's statements as elements of establishing his personal dictatorship in the Republic of Moldova.

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