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Civil society works out National Reconciliation Plan

04.05.2009   Infotag  965 

Cancellation of political control over the judiciary, ensuring the independence of the Prosecutor General's Office, de-politicization of the institution of the president, resignation of the current administration of the Teleradio-Moldova public company and election of a new administration, establishment of a permanent political conference to facilitate political dialog between the opposition and the authorities - such are the main clauses of the Plan proposed by the civil society for the sake of achieving national reconciliation and Republic of Moldova's integration into Europe.
Director of the IDIS-Viitorul Institute for Development and Social Initiatives Dr. Igor Munteanu told a news conference in Infotag today the society cannot remain indifferent to political crisis that broke out after the April 5 parliamentary elections, and is urging the political class to take concrete measures to settle the crisis.
"The crisis cannot be overcome with propaganda statements. The adoption of a plan, according to which all the sides concerned would assume responsibility, would be an exclusively favorable step", he presumes.
Undersigned by 20 non-governmental organizations, the Plan consists of 4 main sections pertaining to ensuring the functioning of democratic institutions, constitutional freedoms and citizens' rights, initiation of a political dialog and a dialog in the conditions of an economic crisis.
Political analyst Vlad Lupan said at the news conference the European Union is the only player that could interfere into the clarifying of the political situation developing here after the April 5 elections. He presumes the European Union should play a more active role in resolving this crisis.
Asked by your Infotag correspondent to comment the possibility of starting a dialog between the opposition and authorities in the conditions when both sides keep on accusing one another of all sins, Vlad Lupan said the Republic of Moldova will be unable to overcome the political crisis if the authorities and the opposition refuse to take joint efforts.
Independent Press Association (API) Chairman Petru Macovei said the situation in the human right observance field has deteriorated during the last few years, "so we are urging the authorities to ensure guarantees of the rights to security and to freedom through an urgent investigation into all instances of police violence".
IDIS Program Director Veaceslav Ionita said the current economic crisis "is much deeper than that in 1998. To overcome it, a massive penetration of foreign capital into Moldova is necessary. This means that Moldova must restore the international financial organizations' trust".

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