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About 60% of Moldovan migrants are in Russia -“ IDIS Viitorul report

23.12.2008   Infomarket  1236 

This is announced in the tripartite report «Migration trends and policies in the Black Sea region: Moldova, Romania and Ukraine», submitted on December 23 by the experts of IDIS Viitorul.. Such situation is stipulated by the unresolved Transnistrian conflict. The report notes that most numbers of Moldovan migrants stay in the big cities (Moscow, Rome, St Petersburg, Istanbul, Odessa, etc.). Most number of the Moldovan migrants stay in Russia (60%), Italy (20%), Portugal (5%), Spain, Turkey, Greece, France, Romania, Ukraine, etc. According to the study, the average stay of Moldavian migrants in Russia is 7 months; in the EU more than a year (14-16 months). « According to our research, informal cost travel to EU countries is 2,5-4,5 thousand euros », - explained the representative of IDIS Viitorul Valery Moshneaga. «We have no motivational governmental policies in the social protection level. The report also notes that Modova is not an attractive country for foreign citizens. The authors recommend taking advantage of the neighborhood with EU, as well as signing an agreement on a small traffic at the border with Romania.

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