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Agricultural producers and exporters ask to be consulted in decision making process

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"I have been working in the agricultural field for 40 years. Ive managed a communal farm with a total area of 2500 hectares. Since 2000, after privatization, I leased 250 ha.   In 2007 -“ 2008, I reduced the leased land to 150 ha. Ive hired 2 -“ 3 persons, using equipment of 20-25 years old. Now I won 10 hectares of arable land and 15 hectares of apple orchard in fruit. If I were allowed to export freely in 2001 -“ 2008, I wouldnt have problems paying for my surgery in 2008."

"Thats enough! Im leaving all and this country as well. Let those who adopt all these laws stay here.   I may give them, as a present, all my equipment: spade, hoe, rake, fork and boots."

"The state has to, before taking any decisions concerning peasants, to consult them, as well, and only then these regulations would lead to their prosperity". "The VAT shall not be transferred and then returned back!" "We ask for state protection."

"The peasants do not have access to local market, so as to external one in order to sell their agricultural products."

"We can not practice agriculture without subsidies!!! Gas oil price is equal to fuel for luxury cars."

"What shall I do with the subsidy of 15 MDL received in 2008? It was a disrespect towards me."

"The civil society must be seen by the Government, MET, MAFI as a force, help and welfare. etc."

"The external and internal legal framework which regulates the export of agricultural products is imperfect, difficult to be understood by the exporters. Exporters lose a lot of time issuing unnecessary export documents."

Viorel Chivriga, IDIS - Viitorul" expert, emphasizes that these are just some of the hundreds of messages that agricultural producers and exporters have dedicated to public institutions, especially the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry. The messages will be sent as postcards to the officials. This initiative is part of the Advocacy Campaign in supporting the Moldovan Exporters of Agricultural Products, undertaken by the Coalition for Rural Economic Development (CDER).

The Campaign relies on consultations at regional level with agricultural producers and exporters. Thus, CDER held 5 round tables in the following districts: (Soldanesti, Rezina, Drochia, Anenii Noi, Criuleni-Dubasari), which have met a total of over 150 participants. The events were attended also by civil servants from rayon agricultural departments.

The legislation concerning agriculture and external trade should be optimized, in order to protect the internal market form mass imports, which suppress farmers efforts. On the other hand, there are necessary to be taken efficient mechanisms to stimulate and promote the export, and namely: export crediting, reviewing the mechanism of export VAT reimbursement, non-tariff barriers elimination (especially, administrative).

These are the unanimous conclusions of people who continue to practice agriculture in Moldova, despite the difficulties faced.

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