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European Union is the only body that guarantees welfare, sovereignty and integrity

07.05.2012     2000 

In the first part of the course participants learned more about the smart building of the EU, namely about institutions that design and develop policies at the European level: The European Council, which can be compared to a State Parliament, The EU Council, The European Commission and not least, The European Parliament, created to represent more than 500 million European citizens.

Saturday was dedicated especially to the European Parliament, one of the largest democratic institution in the world. Raluca Raducanu spoke about the composition of the European Parliament, the organization of those seven political groups, the structure of parliamentary committees and political affiliations of members of the European Parliament (MEPs). "All European Union is a process: it moves, changes, evolves, it doesn’t attack anyone and tries to respect the interests of all. There is nothing fixed", said the author of the course. Asked what are the chances of integration of Moldova into the EU, Raluca Raducanu believes that our country will join the EU, because there are opening for this, but that it will not happen tomorrow. Some participants expressed that the integration will not happen now, because those who will make it possible are still young. "The European Union integration doesn’t start when documents are signed, but when you have set clearly and honestly as objective the integration in the EU and, aims to star implementing reforms. If Moldova's political class has this objective, I’m optimistic in the sense of Moldova's EU accession”, said Raluca Raducanu. Another topic discussed during the training course was the decision-making process at the EU level. Thus, decisions are taken, in most cases by negotiation, but still taking into account interests of nations, of political families and of the European Union itself. According to Raluca Raducanu, in this sense, prevail those who know the subject and easily impose their own solutions.

"The European Union is the only body that guarantees welfare, sovereignty and integrity. And ... is close to you", concluded Raluca Raducanu.

The project "Advanced Learning for Highly Motivated Young Political Leaders in Moldova" runs from September 2011 - August 2012 and aims to train young political leaders in Moldova, training based on applying interactive learning methods. Theoretical courses are held weekly by a team of experts from academia, business and public administration, career diplomats and other public actors.

Material prepared by Veverita Ana - Maria, Project Assistant, Institute for Development and Social Initiatives (IDIS) „Viitorul”, phone: 221844, e-mail: ana.veverita@viitorul.org


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