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Best practices of local authorities in Moldova were awarded

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Best practices implemented by local authorities in Moldova in 2014 and 2015 were awarded on 22 December at a national ceremony.

"We gathered here to mention the best, to applaud and encourage them to have hope for better things. Positive practices awarded today were implemented through individual effort of each and there was a strong cooperation between the community and the town hall and because people thought of the quality of life", said Executive Director of IDIS “Viitorul ", Igor Munteanu in the opening of the National Ceremony of Best Practices.

In turn, Ion Beschieru, Program Manager at the Office of the Council of Europe in Moldova said "I have met many experiences when mayors who worked hard and solved were all issues that exist in the community have made a colossal change. We all know that local authorities have daily challenges and the dedication shown by mayors made a big change and brought hope to residents and public services have become more accessible to every citizen”.

Valentin Guznac, Deputy Secretary General of the Government stressed the role played by local authorities: "It is an honor to be present at this special event which crowns the efforts of hundreds and thousands of people, civil servants, mayors and citizens in implementing a variety of projects aimed at changing the situation for the better in the localities of Moldova. Each of you has made tremendous efforts to implement projects that are presented as a model for the entire country. I'm happy for you that you managed to make projects successful, because you've managed to strengthen the team, identify the resources needed for these projects and brought to an end the projects that you enjoy yourself and the people of the municipalities you represent. The government has always supported and will support this beautiful initiative".

"An experience of good practice is the key to success and although Moldova does not have so many possibilities, but with little money and a lot of heart and outreach, our mayors manage to do beautiful things. Only united we can change things for the country, but for this we need those reforms that will facilitate our work and provide many services to citizens", said CALM President, Tatiana Badan.

At the National Ceremony of Best Practice were 15 certificates of participation, 13 mentions, eight awards of the third degree, seven II prizes and seven prizes of I degree and six special awards for the best practices implemented local governments in the country, which were implemented in 2014-2015, were awarded.

Thus, the following awards were given:

Section: Integrity, good governance and transparency in the decision-making process at local level
Special awards to Budesti village and Iampol (Ukraine)
First prize - Niscani village hall (Calarasi rayon) to promote folk traditions
Second prize - Chiscăreni (Singerei rayon) village hall for online transmission of local meetings and Tatarauca Veche (Soroca rayon) for the first Citizens Consultative Council in the country
Third prize – town halls from Edinet and Calarasi

Section: Local economic development and models of intermunicipal cooperation
Special awards – Chiscareni (Singerei rayon) town hall for the tastiest festival in the country - "Pie and stuffed cabbage festival"; Valeni village hall (Cahul rayon) for the Bread Museum
First prize – Costesti (Ialoveni rayon) village hall for the First packing and sorting fruits and vegetables house in Moldova and Selemet (Cimislia rayon) village hall for the "iProsop" festival
Second prize – Edinet (Industrial Park) and Hincesti (construction of the roundabout)
Third prize – Rusestii Noi (Ialoveni rayon) village hall for construction of a bridge over the Botna river and Singerii Noi (Singerei rayon) village hall for the social laundromat

Section: Sustainable solutions for energy efficient communities
First prize – Ungheni town hall for thermal energy conservation in the kindergarten-nursery "Andries" and  the High School "Gheorghe Asachi"
Second prize – Causeni town Hall for the rehabilitation and extension of street lighting
Third prize – Filipeni village hall (Leova rayon) and Vulcanesti town hall

Section: Performant management of local public services
Special awards: Avdarma village hall (UTAG) to modern conditions in the kindergarten "Ivusca" and Saiti village hall (Causeni rayon) for the reconstruction of the village kindergarten
First prize - Edinet town hall for social taxi service; Ialoveni town hall for painting passenger stations and Varnita village hall (Anenii Noi rayon) for complex educational and socio-cultural services
Second prize - Sarata Noua town hall (Leova rayon) to renovate the sports field and Zagarancea (Ungheni rayon)for the  museum "In grandparents 'backyard'
Third prize - Malcoci village hall (Ialoveni rayon) and Vinogradovca village hall (Taraclia rayon) for the project " Start for child through quality education"

For the edition 2014 - 2015 of the Best Practices Programme 76 good practices from 46 municipalities from the country were submitted. Regarding the distribution of best practices by regions, best practices from 20 rayons and three municipalities – Chisinau, Balti and Comrat were submitted. Thus, from the North 25 best practices were submitted; 34 practices participated from the Center and 17 from the South of the country were implemented.

During 2005 - 2016, over 350 communities from Moldova shared their best practices that have been published in seven anthologies, and successful practices have become the subject of six documentaries distributed among local representatives from the country.

The Best Practices Programme for Local Authorities in Moldova is implemented by IDIS "Viitorul", with the financial support of the Council of Europe. The programme aims to identify, appreciate, promote and disseminate the best practices among local authorities from Moldova, in order to improve the efficiency of local governance.

For more details contact the Programme Coordinator, Ana – Maria Veverita at the phone number 0 22 221844 or by e-mail: ana.veverita@viitorul.org

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