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Viorel Chivriga: Removing economic barriers to Russia are questionable

19.01.2017     948 

The Association Agreement entered into force, signed and ratified by Moldova and the EU is the strategic direction of development of the country. His goal is to bring the country's economy and the society to European standards, providing benefits that no other alternative model would not be able to meet in terms of foreign trade and markets. The irresponsible declarations of the president Igor Dodon regarding a possible denunciation of the AA, during his visit to Moscow, could plunge the fragile economy of the country into an abyss, commented the director of programs IDIS “Viitorul”, Viorel Chivriga at the program "15 minutes of economic realism”.

The expert notes that the abolition of restrictions on access to the Russian market for products originating in Moldova cannot essentially change the structure of trade between Russia and Moldova. Statistics show that Moldovan exporter’s niches are already occupied by other manufacturers. Trade embargo regime sprayed small and medium business interests in Moldova, and part of the agricultural population went has emigrated. Bans imposed by Russia were purely political, and the federal agencies Rospotrebnadzor, Rosselihozndazor had a duplicitous and false communication with their interlocutors in Moldova or Igor Dodon is trying to resolve some issues that have been generated voluntarily by the Russian state, and not by the Moldovan producers.

Also, Viorel Chivriga noted that "in 2014, Moldova has come to the new stage of transformation of state institutions. There was an enormous transfer of experiences, expertise, and allocation of European funds worth over 800 million euro, while from Russia, Moldovan producers have seen only restrictions and foreign trade loss resulting from the trade politicization.
Moldovan producers who have been removed from the Russian market already found their place in the EU. There are people who understand perfectly what stability, predictability, and rules of the game it means. People see concrete results: roads, modern infrastructure, quality services, schools, kindergartens and help businesses, which become more competitive. It is a leap that Moldova could not do it alone or with the unstable Russian market.

In addition, says Viorel Chivriga "states from the Euroasiatic Union (UEA) have no common border with Moldova, economic and political processes are disjunctive, not cooperative. Thus, the Russian Federation is strongly felt from international sanctions and registers a decline of the economy, has problems of access to foreign markets and failing miserably in the substitution of imported products with domestic products. It is an awkward task to compare UEA with the vigor, strength and overall potential of the EU, which manages to influence its policies over 30% of global GDP. Presidents of countries like Moldova should deal less than satire and humor and be consistent with the positions they hold”, concluded Chivriga.

The entire show can be watched here

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