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Moldovan migrants in Russia, capital for politicians

01.02.2017     813 

Moldovan migrants working in the Russian Federation has an essential role in the economy as remittances they send home, but they are used in various political or geopolitical aspects by Russian and Moldavian authorities. This is the conclusion, formulated by the IDIS Viitorul expert, Ion Tabirta, in the program "15 minutes of economic realism".

"The President of Moldova must remove the political approach from discussions to address Moldovan citizens working in the Russian Federation. On one hand, it is very difficult to say how it will do so given that we have a political project that fully uses soft power mechanism, promoted by the Russian Federation. On another hand, we can see that Moscow does not show openness to discuss in a calm manner without using geopolitical levers on the CIS states, explained Ion Tabirta.

According to the expert, an example of "soft power" used by the Russian Federation in relation to Moldova was the intention to delay the signing of the Association Agreement with the EU. The instruments used were economic pressures and the situation of Moldovan migrants. Or, according to some assumptions, current President of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon would be consulted Moscow in the summer of 2013 for Russia to implement the soft power mechanisms against Chisinau, and this brought a better image in parliamentary elections 2014 and the election victory of 2016.

According to official Russian migration institutions, there are about 525 000 Moldovan citizens in the Russian Federation, but the exact number of them is not known, and in recent years the volume of remittances was reduced to substantially due to the depreciation of the Russian ruble, and the mass expulsion. However, Moldovan authorities have said they are ready to offer solutions for migrants expelled from Russia but have not kept promises. Jobs become scarce, in a context of an aggressive pro- East rhetoric

The entire show can be watched here

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