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IDIS Viitorul, Soroca and Iampol authorities will develop rural tourism in a cross-border project

01.02.2017     844 

Capacities of tourism service providers and local authorities from Soroca and Iampol will be strengthened in a cross-border project, implemented with the financial support of the European Union.

The project "Rural tourism - a sure step to increase the cross-border cooperation between Soroca and Iampol" is implemented by IDIS "Viitorul", in partnership with the Soroca District Council and the Council of Iampol (Ukraine) and has a duration of 18 months.

The partnership agreement was concluded on 1 February in a solemn ceremony of signing of 16 contracts under the Territorial Cooperation Programme Moldova - Ukraine. Projects are distributed between the three priorities identified by the programme, namely: improving the living conditions of local communities, addressing common crossborder challenges, education, culture and sport.

"Through the project, we hope for a constructive cooperation between local authorities and business in rural tourism from Soroca and Iampol. IDIS experts will develop useful tools and mechanisms for service providers in rural tourism which will facilitate the economic growth and the attractiveness of regions", said Project manager Liubomir Chiriac.

The cross-border project includes a series of training, study visits to tourist pensions, a Guide for tourism providers, four festivals, a tourist map, video clips and even a documentary that will highlight the tourism assets of Soroca and Iampol.

"The project will enable tourism service providers to learn to manage their work properly. However, the project will allow the exploitation of the tourism potential, craftsmen will make themselves known and we will remember the traditions"
, says Stela Zabrian, Soroca District Council Secretary, and partner of the cross- border initiative.

Partners of the territorial cooperation - local authorities, communities and civil society organizations from throughout the country and eligible regions of Ukraine (Chernivtsi, Vinnytsia, and Odessa) participated in the procedure of requests for proposals to tackle the common development of their countries. The overall amount made available by the EU under the Moldova-Ukraine Programme is 3.3 million EUR.

"These projects will help develop joint solutions to common social and economic development challenges. They will also contribute to strengthening the cross-border contact between local authorities, communities and civil society organizations, and consequently develop closer ties between the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine"
, mentioned Aneil Singh, Head of Cooperation at EU Delegation to the Republic of Moldova.

The Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation Support Programme’s (EaPTC Support Programme) goal is to create a favorable environment for territorial cooperation programmes along the borders of Moldova – Ukraine, Armenia – Georgia, Azerbaijan – Georgia and Belarus – Ukraine with due regard to specifics of each border area. It is as well aimed at strengthening the capacity of local and regional state and non-state actors to jointly develop and implement cross-border projects. The overall EU contribution to EaPTC is 12.5 million EUR.

For more information contact Ana – Maria Veverita: ana.veverita@viitorul.org or 022 22 18 44.

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