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Corruption, wages, pensions and jobs - issues that worry Moldovans

07.02.2017     1116 

Corruption, wages, pensions and jobs and billions theft are the main issues that worry Moldovans. These are the results of the survey conducted by "CBS-AXA", commissioned by IDIS "Viitorul" on a sample of 1110 people between January 18 to 27 this year.

Thus, 53% of Moldovans surveyed were dissatisfied with corruption, salaries, jobs and the billion theft - 43%.

Regarding the economic situation in the country, 42.8% of Moldovans are not satisfied, 37.5% - not too satisfied and only 0.9% were satisfied by the economic situation in the country.
Also, 56% of respondents stated that they are not too satisfied or not at all by the way they live, while 17.6% are fairly satisfied with the way they live. The poll shows that 73.6% of respondents are close to despair and only 8,2% at the pinnacle of wealth.

The product launched today by IDIS “Viitorul” is the first issue of the of new research product "People Watch", which will measure the thematic areas of high public interest. The survey included also a number of issues relates to the positioning of candidates registered in the election race. The national poll was administered by CBS-AXA in the period January 18 to 27 on a sample of 1,110 people with a margin of error of plus or minus 3%.

The publication (available only in Romanian) can be downloaded here.

For further details, please contact the Press officer, Victor Ursu at ursu.victoor@gmail.com or by phone 069 017 396.

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