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Moldova Appeal


Moldovas democratic transformation is in danger. Street protesters have accused the government of falsifying recent election results and called for the resignation of the ruling post Communists. The mass protests have been accompanied by acts of violence, hundreds of people have been injured and arrested. The authorities have limited the freedom of media and have introduced special security measures.

President Vladimir Voronin has accused Romania, a European Union member state, of supporting the protestors and undermining the sovereignty of Moldova. The Romanian ambassador as well as foreign journalists have been expelled and visa requirements have beenintroduced for Romanians. Instead of opening a dialogue with the opposition, the ruling post-Communists have chosen a policy of confrontation. The conflict risks the destabilization of the whole region. The international community must react as soon as possible to prevent new outbreaks of violence. The European Union must send mediators to Moldova to negotiate the conditions of a peaceful solution to the conflict in a country which borders with the European Union, is a participant of the Eastern Partnership and has made significant steps in integrating with European Union.

The current crisis in Moldova is a test of the European Union's unity. The success of the Eastern Partnership requires an immediate and determined reaction by the European Union. Poland, one of the initiators of Eastern Partnership, must take the lead in helping to stabilize Moldova. The country must return to a path of cooperation with European Union and the international community.

Jan Piek

Krzysztof Bobi

Jacek Kucharczyk -“ Institute of Public Affairs, Warsaw

ło - Polish Ukrainian-Cooperation Foundation PAUCI, Warsaw-Kyivński - Unia & Polska Foundation, Warsaw

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