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Chairman Kerry Urges Cooperation After Election In Moldova


Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry released the following statement today in response to the historic election in the Republic of Moldova that may ultimately result in the unseating of the last governing Communist Party in the former Soviet Union:  

- This is an important moment for the Republic of Moldova.   It is inspiring and reassuring to see Moldovans exercising their democratic rights through the electoral process, but it is likewise troubling when political differences turn violent.   Moldovas political leaders must find common ground; if they can set aside their personal and political interests, there is a chance that a fresh approach to their nations problems may be found.   Moldovans deserve a better, more prosperous future.

- Observers have claimed that Moldova is a victim of its geography, caught between European and Russian - spheres of influence". I believe Moldovas geography can be its strength; with cooperation and determined effort, Moldova can and should be a bridge between Central and Eastern Europe." 

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