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EU announces tender for a design company


'Civil Society. Dialogue for Progress' Project announces the Call for designer.


The EU-funded Technical Assistance project "Strengthening non-State actors' Capacities to Promote Reform and increase Public Accountability" was launched in January 2013. The project is implemented by a Consortium led by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung e.V. (KAS). It is to be seen in the context of the EU´s Eastern Partnership (EaP) programme, which aims to improve the stability, good governance, security and prosperity of the EU's neighbours to the East. Consortium partners are: Assembly of Pro-Democratic NGOs of Belarus (Lithuania), European Integration (Armenia), Azerbaijani Youth Euro-Atlantic Organisation (AYEAO - Azerbaijan), ACT (Belarus), International Center on Conflict and Negotiation (ICCN - Georgia), Institute for Development and Social Initiatives (IDIS - Moldova), and Initiative Centre to Support Social Action (ISAR Ednannia - Ukraine). The project headquarter is in Kiev, Ukraine. 
The project consists of five components: A mapping (sociology studies) of the civil society in 6 EaP-countries, multi-stakeholder meetings between NGOs, authorities and EU Delegations on priority policies, capacities development activities for NGOs involved in policy dialogue (trainings, seminars, networking events) and consultations/information sessions for NGOs intending to apply for or receiving EU grants. 
“Visibility” is a crosscutting component of the project aiming at providing visibility of the Eastern Neighbourhood Facility and the results and achievements from NGO-projects funded by the Facility.
All conceptual and budget-related activities as well as the visibility of the project are subjects of approval by the EC in Brussels. So far the project has an approved communication strategy and a logo. .

Currently the project is looking for a designer offering a corporate design for the project. We request interested parties to submit an example of the design of any promo item from the list below which could demonstrate the suggested approach. This should be accompanied with the budget and terms for elaborating the design of all the items listed below. Deadline for submission – Tuesday, December 17th, 2013. The suggested CI of the project will have to be agreed with the EC task manager who makes the final decision. The successful designer will be asked to elaborate the following promo and visibility products:
• Pen, Pencil, USB-stick with the Project’s logo
• Notepad for participants which includes the brief information about the Project
• Project’s letterheading (8 in total: one for the Headquarter office in Kiev and one per each partner (two in Belarus) 
• Textile bags
• Paper bag for participants
• Folder 4+4 (all pages in colour) 
• Press-release template
• Certificate for training participants
• Envelopes A5 and A4 (8 in total each)
• Business cards
• Tarpaulins/ Rollscreens 
• Template for the badges
• Project’s leaflet
• Project’s web-site design
• Project’s Promo materials and style brandbook

In order to help designer to elaborate the adequate visibility solutions, the following keywords are suggested:
1. European Union. The project is EU-funded.
2. Eastern Partnership. The Project operates in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. The suggested design should respect cultural and social identities of each of the countries.
3. Civil Society. Main target group are Civil Society Organizations in the abovementioned countries. 
4. Policy Dialogue. One of the main aims of the Project is to organize a Multi-stakeholder dialogue between CSO, authorities and EU Delegations.
5. European values. Fundamental principles on which all project’s activities are based: Democracy, Rule of Law, Human Rights, Transparency etc.
6. European integration. Though for some participating countries (Belarus, Azerbaijan) this is not the issue, European Integration sooner or later is one of the main common aims declared by them.
7. The EC is expecting a design that is “fresh, innovative, minimalistic”.

The contact person and address:
Aleksey Soldatenko, 
Communication and Networking Expert
Address: ul. Bohdana Khmelnytskogo 9b 
01901 Kiev, office 6 
Tel. +38044 234 8663 
Email: soldatenko@csdialogue.eu