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Call for applications for civil society leaders


Leaders of civil society organizations are welcome to apply for participation in a new capacity development programme financed through the EU –funded Neighbourhood Civil Society Facility and implemented by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and Institute for Development and Social Initiatives (IDIS) “Viitorul”.

  • Do you work for a civil society organization in your country trying to contribute to the development and implementation of policies in your local community?
  • Do you wish to improve your organisation’s capacities to have a say on issues at national level?
  • Do you want the voices of those in your constituency’ you are representing to be heard by decision-makers and more often taken into account?

Then this programme is a good chance for you to get new skills and knowledge, find new partners and like-minded colleagues, and actively participate in discussions with public authorities, EU Delegations and EU experts.

The training programme will consist of 3-modules with a total of 6 trainings:

Module 1 - Strengthening technical/organizational aspects of selected CSOs:
•    Strategic planning;
•    Resource management;
•    Fundraising, proposal writing;
•    Project design and management;
•    Change management;
•    Volunteer management

Module 2 - Development of technical and organizational skills in the sphere of effective participation in policy dialogue:
•    Policy analysis;
•    Negotiation;
•    Basics of citizen’s rights;
•    Advocacy and lobbying;
•    Networking and coalition building;
•    PR and campaigning for CSOs;
•    Know your audiences: quantitative and qualitative research;
•    Monitoring of policy implementation; national budgetary processes

Module 3: Strengthening alliance building and networking

The capacity development programme will run from March 2014 until 2015. The training expenses will be covered by the project.

Participants will also be actively involved in consultations/discussion with authorities and EU Delegations through:

  • Regional expert meetings and professional field discussions including visits to the most successful EU –funded projects.  
  • Networking with the leading civil society organisations in the country, state officials and EU experts in order to develop consolidated positions on discussed policy issue.
  • Participation in the multi-stakeholder dialogues at national level.  

Successful graduates will obtain certificates.

Selection criteria

We are looking for highly motivated civil society leaders with work experience of at least 3 years working within the civil society sector and able to commit to participate in all programme activities

Knowledge of English is not mandatory but is considered an advantage.

Strong priority will be given to representatives of CSOs active in the following areas: a) Anti-Corruption, b) Anti-Discrimination, c) Media Freedom, d) Regional Development (Gagauzia, Taraclia, Transnistria), e) Justice Sector Reform (and other budget support operations).

Preference will be given to representatives from civil society organisations from the regions (i.e. from outside the capital and – where applicable – the big cities) and not yet involved in policy dialogue at national level.

Application procedure

We are looking forward to get your completed application forms by February 23, 2014. Please send them to e-mail: carolina.ungureanu@viitoul.org

Contacts: Ungureanu Carolina, Project coordinator, phone: 022 22 18 44 or 022 21 36 32