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Who we are


IDIS - Viitorul" is a research, education and outreach organization which activates in the field of economic analysis, governance, law, political sciences, strategic and organizational science. IDIS is also a common platform that brings together young intellectuals who are concerned with the success of transition towards the free market and the open society. IDIS helps them to contribute with their energies, values and virtues, providing its logistic, moral and intellectual support and advices them regarding their future projects and initiatives. Consistent with this mission, IDIS has forged several linkages between the academic and policy-making environments, generating policy analysis and recommendations for various areas of public interest, creating and disseminating of the best practices, good governance, and economic analysis.

Since its foundation, our Institute has invested a lot of efforts in contributing to the development of new policy options, generating policy dialogue and cross-sectorial communication. We undertake research and monitoring of targeted issues of public interest, plan and undertake publishing, organize wide-national, cross-regional and topical conferences on various issues related to economic transition, liberalization policies, free trade agreements, conflicts and rule-of-law institutions.


IDIS is today associated with several networks and international organizations: 

- PASOS (Policy Association of the Open Society)

- TPN (Transitional Policy Network)

- NISPAcee (The Network of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe, Slovakia)

- NDRI (Network of Democracy Research Institutes).

- EPIN (Economic Policy Institute Network of the UNDP) 

- ICBSS (International Centre for Black Sea Studies)

- Stockholm Network

- Danish Development Research Network


Our mission:

To be a leading public policy institute essentially contributing to the growth of independent thinking environment, competitiveness of the Moldovan society and economy, in a well-governed state, favorable to educated citizenship.

Priority Fields:

According to our institution strategy for 2009-2014, there are three major areas in which IDIS - Viitorul" works: 

(1) Modernisation and Europeanisation of the Public Sector; 

(2) Strengthening a Functional Market Economy; 

(3) Supporting the Emergence of a Competitive Society.

Target audience:

The IDIS target beneficiaries include: municipal governments, central governmental agencies, private business, think tanks, accademia, and mass media outlets.