EU launches first two projects in Chisinau
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The Delegation of the European Union to Moldova on January 14 launched officially the first two projects in the municipality of Chisinau. During the next two years, the capital city will receive grants of over 1.3 million euros that will be used to implement the projects aimed at optimizing energy consumption and preventing climate change, Info-Prim Neo reports.

During the launch ceremony, the EU Delegation's head Dirk Schuebel said the launch of the two projects in Chisinau is an important step forward and a new dimension in the relations between Moldova and the EU.

The Mayor of Chisinau Dorin Chirtoaca said the launch was not only a step towards the European integration, but also the beginning of the accession talks.

The EU will allocate 75,888 euros for the first project worth 900,000 euros - Pluvial Drainage Systems, Promotion and Implementation of Innovative Climate Change Actions. The Chisinau Municipal Council will provide 73,000 euros, while the Odessa City Hall -“ 90,000 euros.

The project is designed to ease traffic in Chisinau, which is seriously affected during and after heavy rain as the pluvial drainage channels are blocked and nonfunctional.

The second project, Improvement of Energy Efficiency in the Municipality of Chisinau, will be implemented in concert with the administration of the Ukrainian town of Sevastopol as part of the EU-funded CIUDAD Program. The cost of the project is 672,965 euros. Chisinau will receive 366,219 euros from the EU. 50,000 euros will be allocated from the local budget.

Igor Munteanu, the director of the Institute for Development and Social Initiative - Viitorul", said the project is a test for the local authorities and an instrument for bringing Moldova closer to other European cities. - This project is also an opening for investors," said Munteanu. - There will be introduced new technology for optimizing the use of energy."

He also said the project will help develop the energy efficiency strategy and reduce energy consumption at public institutions.  

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