The political opposition is the most advanced and institutionalized political conflict in Moldova

Thursday, on April 12, young leaders from the Political Training School met to present the results of the internship working groups activities and to discuss their research topics.

Thus, participants of the Training School told what they did and what actions should be made about the internship: while some groups suceeded in organizing working meetings, to identify local issues or to communicate with local authorities, others just lay down the responsibilities of group members. We mention in this sense that the internship aims to organize a campaign directionated in community mobilization and formulating sustainable solutions to local problems in Moldova. At the end of internship, all 5 groups will report in a public event their activities.

The second part of Young Political Leaders Club meeting was dedicated to the research theme of Adriana Zbigli "The Law of opposition – an institutional factor and an essential element of the parliamentary democracy”, whose goal is to argue the necessity to adopt it and Andrei Cretu's theme,"Poly Technologies in Moldova and their influence on society ", two interesting topics, and at the same time, very current. "The political opposition is the most advanced and institutionalized form of the political conflict existing in Moldova. Opposition status is one distinctive feature of democratic government and, the  opposition phenomenon in our country is a distorted and rebellious one”, said Adriana Zbligli. Anna Taban, one of the participants at the Political Training School said that the Adriana’s topic seems very interesting , but, in her opinion, she believes it would be useful to make a comparison with other states where exist a law of opposition, to study them and to come up with some recommendations. "In my opinion, the law of opposition must include the legislative dimension and even if will be adopted such a law, it will not happen soon, because is not in the government interest," said in this context the IDIS “Viitorul”, expert, Leonid Litra, moderator of the Club meeting.

Also at the meeting, Andrei Cretu discussed about the reality of Poly Technologies in Moldova and tried to settle the relationship between financial resources and campaign results, noting in this sense, the essence of the EEC coefficient (Efficiency of the Electoral Company) which is the ratio of money spent in the election company and the number of voters. "Pay to Play is the best slogan for this phenomenon," said Leonid Litra. Question whose answer Andrei Cretu wants to know is "Does money really bring electoral victory in companies or their importance is overrated?"

The project "Advanced Learning for Highly Motivated Young Political Leaders in Moldova" runs from September 2011 - August 2012 and aims to train young political leaders in Moldova, training based on applying interactive learning methods. Theoretical courses are held weekly by a team of experts from academia, business and public administration, career diplomats and other public actors.

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