Young political leaders discuss about the professionalism of local elected officials and the advocacy reform

Tuesday, on May 22, young political leaders of the Political Training School met to discuss their research topics being moderated by the IDIS “Viitorul” expert, Leonid Litra.

Thus, Igor Ciurea, Marcel Gavajuc, Ion Ciobanu and Radu Cheridivara talked about their studies and argued their need and actuality. Igor Ciurea, one of the young participants made reference in his study to the professionalism of local elected officials, who said that are not enough trained and, tried to find solutions for improving this situation. "Do not be invested locally elected officials immediately after the elections, but to be obligatory some trainings for them”, said Igor Ciurea.  Although the research theme is good and interesting enough, most of those present considered that the subject is still sensitive to be openly discussed. The Political Training School who made an examination of the advocacy institution in Moldova through the legal framework was Radu Cherdivara, whose research is titled "The advocacy institution reform in Moldova". He said that this reform is necessary and at the same time, beneficial for the state and for those who beneficiate of this institution services.

In the second part of the meeting, two other participants of the Political Training School, namely Ion Ciobanu and Marcel Gavajuc have presented their research topics. Through his research "The state policy on social inclusion of people with disabilities", Ion Ciobanu aimed to study the state actions regarding to inclusion of persons with disabilities, especially those related to integration into employment for these people, including the changes occurred after two years of ratifying the UN Convention on the rights of Persons with disabilities. "Your study could be also considered an advocacy document", considered Leonid Litra, the event moderator. At the end, Marcel Gavajuc spoke about the domestic violence and the consequences of this phenomenon on kids.

The project "Advanced Learning for Highly Motivated Young Political Leaders in Moldova" runs from September 2011 - August 2012 and aims to train young political leaders in Moldova, training based on applying interactive learning methods. Theoretical courses are held weekly by a team of experts from academia, business and public administration, career diplomats and other public actors.

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