IDIS Departments

Public Sector Department operates as a resource center, training and research division of IDIS, implementing its main projects in the areas of legal protection of the municipalities, strategic planning and assistance provided to the associations of local authorities, lobbying and tutorials.

Coordinator of the department: Angela Secrieru


  1. Ana - Maria Veverita
  2. Anatol Moldovan
  3. Liubomir Chiriac
  4. Viorel Pirvan
  5. Vlad Catlabuga

Functional Market Economy Department runs regular economic analysis and forecast, taxation and tax awareness of citizens, poverty reduction and other social policies.

Coordinator of the department: Viorel Chirvriga


  1. Tatiana Lariushin
  2. Corina Gaibu
  3. Diana Enachi
  4. Ion Muntean
  5. Ion Tornea
  6. Sergiu Gaibu
  7. Victor Parlicov

Competitive Society Department is specialized in social policy, civic education democratization, foreign and security policy analysis, European integration, crisis management and early warning. The departments experts perform research in the thematic areas and advocate for reforms through permanent consultations with stakeholders, conduct trainings and organize civic participation campaigns.

Coordinator of the department: Cornel Ciurea


  1. Eduard Tugui
  2. Sergiu Lipcean
  3. Veaceslav Berbeca
  4. Viorica Antonov



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