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Improvement the oversight of local governments in Moldova


The project "Improvement the oversight of local governments in Moldova" is implemented by the Institute for Economic and Social Reforms in Slovakia (INEKO), in partnership with IDIS "Viitorul" with the financial support of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

The project aims to increase the awareness about the financial health of the municipalities in Moldova, thus increasing the pressure on the efficient implementation of the fiscal decentralization and strengthening its importance for sustainable local and regional development.

Transparency, fiscal sustainability and shaping of regional competitive advantages are the very basic fundamentals for effective performance of municipalities in the long term horizon. The project will propose solutions and tools:

  1. To increase the level of transparency in municipalities,
  2. To keep indebtedness of municipalities at manageable levels,
  3. To assess the overall competitiveness of districts and regions in Moldova.

Objectives of the project

The main objective of the project is to contribute to the improvement of the financial health of towns, villages and districts in Moldova. We hope to achieve this with the help of the following targets:

  • Collection and release of the data on the financial health of all the 898 local authorities and 32 districts in Moldova and for years 2012 – 2014. The data is collected by the Ministry of Finance.
  • Creation of a permanent platform for publication of the data in a user-friendly way (including charts and filters) on the webpage.
  • Analysis of the financial stability of 50 biggest municipalities and all 32 districts in Moldova.
  • Recommendations for legal amendments and establishment of sanctions to improve compliance with the criteria.
  • Presentation of the project’s results to the general public and the state institutions. Outputs will be primarily aimed at:

        General public – by receiving more information, the citizens and the media will be able to demand responsible behavior from their mayors and district presidents.
        Towns, villages and District Councils – mayors and district presidents will receive a feedback on their governing.
        Ministry of Finance – the politicians will be more able to consider which data should be collected from municipalities, how to redefine the legal criteria for the financial stability and what sanctions to install.

Project activities

  • Definition of the financial stability indicators.
  • Webpage design which will enable the assessment of the financial health of municipalities.
  • Collection of the data – in compliance with the law on free access to information, we will access the data from the Ministry of Finance. We will gain the additional information by inquiring among the representatives of municipalities.
  • Visualization of the acquired data on the webpage of the project.
  • Calculation of financial indicators and their presentation on the project website.
  • Formulation of recommendations for redefining of the legal criteria and installment of sanctions – we will consult changes and suggestions with experts and if necessary we will organize a seminary with competent people from the   Ministry of Finance.
  • An agreement on a regular database update – we will try to agree on an annual disclosure and release of data with the Ministry of Finance, which should secure the sustainability of the project.